Friday, July 28, 2006


We have seen and heard several species of woodpeckers at Hasty Brook, my favorite being the pileated woodpecker. There are many dead trees standing throughout the woods. This birch had been chewed around the base by beavers- not sure why they didn't finish the job, but they left a "diner" for the pileateds. This snag has three excavations like this one. I have never been able to catch a photo of one of those awesome birds, but we did get a really good look at one while camping in July. A beautiful male flew into the campsite and landed on a tall, rotted tree stump, less than ten feet from the fire pit where we were all seated. After a few seconds someone gasped, he squawked and flew off! I was especially grateful that all of the kids got a good look and could enjoy the size and beauty of that magnificent bird.

We're heading "up north" this weekend- can't wait to be there and see what we see!


Anonymous said...

hi mom!!!
i hate your blog :)

johnny cakes

LauraHinNJ said...

Aww.. the first meanie.


Enjoy the weekend!

Sandy said...

What a nice site, and beautiful photos.
I too live near a wooded area with lots of dead trees. I have a shot of what I call a "woodpecker tree" that I should post. Didn't think anyone would be interested. We have at least on pair of pileated woodpeckers living there.

Lynne said...

Hi Sandy-
Thanks for the kind words about our place and my photos. I'm so very new at this blogging- I appreciate the compliment! I'll be looking for your woodpecker tree post. Thank you for stopping by.

Gwyn said...

I've been lucky to get good close looks at these wonderful birds, but they are indeed a challenge to capture on film. How wonderful for the kids to have seen him.