Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Walk in the Woods

I like to walk slowly. I'm always the last but that's OK with me. There is just too much to see and to hear. Sometimes moving just a little ways down the path, the air carries a different scent. The ground smells different in the sun or in the shade. It's noticeably cooler down the hill by the creek and I can hear frogs plop into the water as I get near.

I watched this beautiful little bird for quite a while- a song sparrow? I'm not too sure.

There was a large clump of this vine. The flowers look like hops.

I found these ferns growing in the damp along side of the creek. The fronds are wider and have irregular edges- quite different than he varieties of fern growing on the hill around the campsite. I wonder if there is a field guide for ferns...

Yep. I like to walk slowly.


samtzmom said...

What a lovely journey... exploring, and appreciating all you can see. Sounds like heaven to me. Have enjoyed reading your posts. :c)

NatureWoman said...

Your photos are so nice! I love a walk in the woods, too. And like you, I'm always looking and listening and taking photos and I'm the last one because all of that keeps me really busy.

LauraHinNJ said...

I love to bird alone rather than with a group because I like to linger and really watch the birds, rather than just checking them off.

Thanks for taking us along on your walk through the greenery!

Jane Swanson said...

So relaxing to walk along with you in the woods. I'm a slow walker too.

Pamela said...

Yes, slow's best. And just standing still--so much to see that can so easily be missed. Lovely walk!