Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Kool Kids

Last Sunday our kids' school had an open house to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Being in 7th and 8th grades they each had to do a huge project and paper to be displayed at school. John, the 7th grader did his science project titled "Do Parabolas Affect Wireless Signals?". He built a parabola using a bendable ruler covered with smooth foil and string to bend the ruler. He moved the parabola a progression of distances from the wireless antenna and used his PSP to measure the signal strength. John did a terrific job on his experiment, poster board and paper!

Molly's 8th grade social studies project was on Germany. She also did a poster board and an extensive paper on Germany- it's history, culture, economy, industry, architecture and language. She worked so hard on her paper. I am so very proud of them both. Molly goes off to public high school next year, and John the year after that. They are both well-prepared and I am so excited to see where their futures take them.

I don't have any bird pictures to post, but here is Buddy, the amazing rabbit, balancing an empty pop bottle on his back! Doesn't he look happy? (NOOO!) And here's another shot of Buddy after we trimmed his claws. Really- if he had opposable thumbs we'd all be dead, or at least maimed!

I hit the Gander Mountain clearance sale this morning. I bought some cold weather outdoor gear for my next birding trip coming up February 10th. This trip I hope to be a bit warmer than the Duluth Audubon trip in January. I had to get one of those silly Nordic looking hats with ear flaps with strings on them. Don't expect a picture of that!


Sandy said...

I loaded twice and can"t see the photos. I would hate to tell you what I did for school projects after reading what your children do for theirs!
By the way, I have been thinking about one of those ear flapper hats for myself.

Lynne said...

I reloaded the pictures to the post 3 TIMES!! They kept disappearing but I hope it works this time. Blogger wouldn't let me look at other blogs' comments earlier this afternoon. Not liking blogger today. :(

Ruth said...

No problem with the pics here. What good looking children! and they obviously love to learn. They will do well in life. There is nothing wrong with ear flaps on your hat. That was the style worn by the Canadian Winter Olympic team in 2006. Cold ears are no fun.

Lynne said...

Thanks for the info on the hat. I was just so happy to find a hat that fit my ginormous melon! I will wear it proudly!!

Mary said...

I think I sent you an e-mail on this post and I hope this comment gets through. Not a brilliant comment, or anything. Just wanted to hi and you need to show us the HAT.

Liza Lee Miller said...

A+ on both children's reports! Good job!

That rabbit looks pretty disapproving! I must say!

And, you absolutely MUST show us the hat! I'm off to check out Gander Mountain's website!

NatureWoman said...

Thanks for sharing your kids and their projects with us! How interesting! And they're very nice looking, too.
Oh, your bunny definitely is disapproving.
BTW - I've had one of those hats for years - my Mom made fun of me for a while and then she ended up getting one for herself. It's a smart hat! And I wanna see it! I'd take a photo of mine, but it hasn't been cold enough for it this year.

Trixie said...

We could all pick a day to post our sexiest cold weather outdoor get-ups. I always feel fabulous at -10F! (yeah, right!).

Beautiful children, excellent projects. So, DO parabolas affect cell phones?

Lynne said...

I don't know why blogger seemed to be picking on me...sigh..
I wore the hat this morning, at -8 degees, I LOVE my new hat!

Liza Lee-
Thanks for the compliments about my kids. Buddy the bun has a major attitude, but we love him.

I cold tested the hat this morning, and I'll tell ya- it's my new best friend!

I love the idea of posting pics of our cold weather gear. I look kind of like a giant blueberry with legs. Love my new hat but when I take it off and the air is so dry, the static takes my look to a new level!! Yes, parabolas do amplify wireless internet signals but it is dependant on positioning and distance from the antenna. (There is a sweet spot.)

Thanks for visiting!

Deb said...

Congrats to both of your kids!

I have a purple Polarfleece ear-flap hat with a Velcro strap that goes under my chin. It doesn't really match my long wool coat, but in this weather I don't care!

Jayne said...

Finally! I can post to your blog once again Lynne! I tried Mary's trick, but since this comes up in a pop-up window for me, I could not change the address?

Anyhow... CONGRATS on the kids wonderful projects! I know you were beaming with pride.

Where is your next birding trip?

Susan Gets Native said...

Grrr..Lynne, Blogger IS picking on you.
Where the heck is my really great comment I left earlier?


pablo said...

Wait a minute! Catholic Schools Week? In Minnesota? I thought everyone up there was Lutheran.

Susan Gets Native said...

Okay, Lynne.
Yes, your kids are cute.
But where's the picture of the hat?