Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Nicest Thing Happened Today

The nicest thing happened to me today. Art and I made a quick trip to the big grocery store to pick up a few things we needed. I was walking along when a gentleman stopped me and said he knew me. (Sound familiar Beth?
He said "You're Hasty Brook."
I got goose bumps.
He smiled and said "I'm Hap in New Hope!"
Well, I was absolutely flabbergasted! Hap in New Hope lives in my town and has commented on my blog for quite a while. I'm not the only blogger who looks forward to Hap's comments either. I have to say, Hap knows his birds. He's ALWAYS been helpful and kind in his comments here. When I've been wrong in an id he's gently suggested the correct answer. He's been generous in his help and has offered encouragement when I've figured it out on my own.
I was so happy to meet Hap, I almost hugged him!
I saw Art walking up and I couldn't wait to introduce him to Hap because Art has heard me talk about Hap in New Hope. We chatted with Hap for a few minutes and then we had to run off to pick up one of the kids. I wish we could have spoken longer.
I am so delighted and feel so lucky to have met you Hap.
I hope we can meet again in New Hope.


RuthieJ said...

How cool and wonderful is that Lynne? Thanks for sharing.

Susan Gets Native said...

Good God, Lynne.

You have HERPES again?

: )

Shall we start a Hasty Brook Fan Club?
Beth and Hap can be the Founding Members and The Flock will write the by-laws.

I'll start:
1. We, the Hasty Brook Fan Club, pledge to dearly love and cherish Lynne of Hasty Brook.

Eve said...

Ha Ha that is so wonderful Lynne! It's a small world isn't it!!

KGMom said...

Wow--Lynne. You and RuthieJ--meeting people via blogging. It is such an interesting way to make friends, but it works!
What neat happening--and so glad you shared.

Anonymous said...

What a great encounter Lynne. I too am always thrilled to meet others whose blogs I read and who read mine.

Jayne said...

That's just the neatest thing, isn't it? This little community we've created is so special. So glad you and Hap "happened" upon one another. :c)

KatDoc said...

You're FAMOUS!!

How cool to meet Hap IRL. What is he like in person?


Shellmo said...

What a nice story - a true testament to how many nice people there are!

NatureWoman said...

How cool to meet Hap in New Hope that way, Lynne!

Linda in Erie said...

What a great surprise! I met Toni of Spattering in local Barnes and Noble. She was looking at a watercolor art magazine and she looked familiar by her small photo on her blog that I had commented on for a long time and her on my blog. I asked her if she was Toni and told her who I was. It was great. We have more friends than we really know when we blog. It's just a matter of an official meeting. So far everyone I have met in person from blogs are in real life just as they are in their blogs.

Leedra said...

Lynne that is great. I have never picked up on you being from New Hope until the last blog I opened before this one. (Maybe Richard At the Water?)and saw a comment from you mentioning New Hope. At that time I thought, Lynne and Hap from the same place? They know each other. Then I open your blog and see this post.

Bet this one was a shock for both of you.

Richard said...

Hap is one of my favorite birders and probably the most helpful for all us beginner birders. What a great early Christmas present.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, I also want to be part of the Hasty Brook Fan Club. But I'm not going to be part of writing the mission statement or bylaws. I did too much of that before I retired.

What a delightful surprise for you to unexpectedly meet a fellow blogger. And to share it with us.

Bird Girl said...

"Well, blow me down and call me shortie" (as Popeye used to say - ha)! That is just so fun! A Happy Face for Hap is perfect!
What a neat happening!

bruss1510 said...

I want to be PRESIDENT of the Fan Club since I "found" Lynne first! No...I'm not competitive. Really....

Beth, Prez for Life and Founding Member
The Hasty Brook Fan Club

Lynne said...

Ruthie- I was grinning- so excited.

Susan- You nut! Can I be Queen of the club? ;)

Eve- the world gets smaller all the time.

Donna- I think blogging has been a GREAT way to make friends.

Born Again Bird Watcher- Meeting Hap was a real treat.

Jayne- This blogging community is a treasure.

KatDoc- Hap is as nice a guy as I had immagined.

Shelley- I've met so many neat people through blogging.

Pam- I've wanted to meet Hap in New Hope for quite a while.

Linda- This is just such a kind community of birders we've found here.

Leedra- It is funny that we live rather close by in the same town!

Richard- You're right about Hap being such a big help to us birders. Such a nice fellow.

Carolyn- You're so kind!

Bird Girl- You understood about the Happy Face!

Beth- You're a nut too! Too funny! (I'm gonna get a big head)

Anonymous said...

Lynne, you are too kind. It was a
real delight to run into you and
Art at the store; you are just as
sweet as your Cape May flock has
already indicated. You know, it
has been a pleasure to help you,
Richard, and Leedra, because you
all take such great photos that make id's relatively easy.
"Herpes"--I've been called a few
things, but that's a first;Susan
is a nut (my kind of people LOL).
I think you already have a large
fan club going, and I am proud to
be a member of it
Hap in New Hope

Red said...

That is too funny and too cool all at the same time Lynne! Who knew how small a world it really was?

Red said...

PS: I'm so glad you're feeling much better! (so am I)

Tina said...

That must have been quite an experience...having some one recognize you! How cool! Your famous!! Glad to see you are up and about and feeling better! :)

Kathiesbirds said...

That's almost more hope and happiness than I can stand! You must be giddy! How very nice for you both!

Kathiesbirds said...

Oh Lynne, my vulture lover, I have something you might like to see. Go to this blog: and scroll down past the Native American post. She has some awesome paintings of vultures and below that some awesome photos.

Mary said...

It's like seeing a celebrity in a convenience store or at the airport!

What a nice surprise, Linne.

Hap was lucky that day...


nina said...

Yay for you, Lynne.
I know how neat it is to actually meet face-to-face, I can only imagine a little extra excitement thrown in from being surprised on the spot!

p.s.--Can't wait to meet YOU in WV!

Mary C said...

Oh Lynne - it couldn't have happened to a nicer person! I'm so happy for you - and for Hap, too! It's so nice when one gets the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers face to face.

Vickie said...

What a happy post to greet me on my first visit. And what a fun community you have here.

I'm glad to meet another vulture lover! Thank you, Kathie! And thank you, Lynne, for your note on my blog about the TV painting. What fun to read. I couldn't image a better home for it. I'll email you.

Larry said...

It must be nice to be a celebrity! I would be excited too.-Of course know one wud recognize me unless I dressed up like a Pine Grosbeak(my profile photo.

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a rockstar, Lynne! :)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

An old high school friend, in town for a wedding with his family, and who now lives in Minnesota, visited us down here in Naples last week. I kept trying to tell him it was a "cold" week down here ... but then I caught myself. Our cold weeks are like summer to anyone that lives in the north country.

MicheleRF said...

What a very cool story!