Friday, December 05, 2008

Fat Squirrels and Birds that are Black

Richard posted a picture of his fat gray squirrel so I had to try and out-do him with this round ball-o-squirrel. Don't you love how he has his little fingers curled up in his chest fur? I am over-run with squirrels right now. My feeder poles are baffled but these buggers can jump from the lilac hedge to the old wooden swing set frame that I now use for feeders. They hang on those metal, supposedly squirrel-proof feeders and pig out. The ground under that feeding station is always hopping with squirrels catching the seed that falls---
until Rusty the Red Terror shows up. I love this little tyrant. He has a huge attitude and is positively fearless. The gray squirrels out-number him by about twenty to one and they out-weigh him by a long shot but when Rusty blows into town- they scatter!
This lone grackle is still hanging around in the hedge. Doesn't he look cold?
Get outta town grackle!

Every morning the crows fly across my yard from east to west, coming from their communal roost, headed out to forage for food for the day. Every evening they reverse the flight for the night. One of these days I'd like to find their roost. When we have stale bread or old fruit I toss it into the back yard for the birds and critters. On this morning I tossed the old bread buns out early enough to catch the attention of the crows. One crow spotted the bread, swooped down to keep an eye on it and cawwed to his buddies to let them know about the bounty.

First there was just the one on the fence. Within a few minutes there were twenty or so crows raising a ruckus. I love watching crows think. I've read that they are very smart birds and it shows.

They seem to behave as a family, sharing the loot.

Got any butter?


Deb said...

I love the "round ball-o-squirrel!"

That grackle looks peeved about something. Must be the cold.

Shellmo said...

Lynne- I think that squirrel takes the prize for the fattest one so far!! And I've seen mine do a triple flip pole mount better than a gymnast to reach my birdfeeders!
Rusty is cool and I am also intrigued by the crows!

Eve said...

So funny that Rusty!! Or was that you...very funny Lynne! I do love crows too but I don't think I could get them to stop here on their treck past!

Kallen305 said...

I love the squirrel you call Rusty. He looks too sweet to be a terror! ;o). I am with you on the squirrels. They annoy me to ne end, eat me out of house and home, but I do find them very entertaining to watch.

The grackle picture is really funny. I have never seen a bird with a more annoyed looking disposition.

The last shot of the crow with the bread in his mouth is great.

Jayne said...

Oh my heavens! That squirrel looks like someone took a bicycle pump and inflated him!!! Love your crows and the greedy boy at the end. :c) Have a beautiful weekend Lynne!

gardenpath said...

Healthy wildlife, Lynn. Do your birds dunk the bread in your birdbath?

Our grackles seem to be gone. I just realized looking at your photos that I haven't seen any in a while.

possumlady said...

That squirrel looks like he/she can barely touch its little paws together!!

I can certainly see that feisty gleam in the eye of Rusty.

I know grackles can be nuisance birds, but I love their squeeky door hinge sqawks.

Looking at crows' heads close up I can definitely see how they came from reptiles. Smart, smart birds.

Linda in Erie said...

I've never seen such a fat squirrel! Yours is the winner I'd think. I love Rusty. He looks so healthy and you can tell he does have an attitude like you said. That bread bun looks mighty good to me. If I was there I'd be fighting him for it.

KGMom said...

Whoa--that is one fat squirrel.
But I like the red squirrel best--interesting that he intimidates the grey squirrels. Wonder why that is?

egretsnest said...

Corvids! Yay Corvids! Thanks for the crow-y love!

Leedra said...

That is one FAT squirrel. Love the crow photos, mine scatter too fast for photos.

Tina said...

Your grey sq. certainly does look well fed...and that little red one with the napoleon attitude is pretty cool. We are stuck with just the greys...yawn, but they do give us a laugh or two once in a while. Love your captures of those ole crows..they are quite clever..kinda scarey sometimes.. to read what they can achieve!!

ivars krafts said...

What a nice collection of shots! If you would like some more red squirrels, I have 3 to 4, depending upon the day. With the snowfall tonight, we should be able to get some good winter shots tomorrow.

NCmountainwoman said...

I loved the photographs. That is one fat little squirrel! I wonder how he scampers up and down the trees.

We have decided there is absolutely no such thing as a squirrel-proof feeder. Those rascals have more patience than Job and they will work (even if it takes them two years) to figure out how to get some food. But they will eventually figure it out.

MojoMan said...

Just recently I saw a little red squirrel chase a group of much larger grays and was surprised and impressed at how fearless and aggressive it was - or, how cowardly the grays were. They're spunky little critters, but you'd better hope they don't decide to move into your attic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, I can't believe the
similarity of our yards, right
down to the same privacy fence.
I, too, see the daily crow flights
east and west; have 10-12 fat
"ball-o-squirrels", an average
albino gray squirrel, and a very
feisty red squirrel ("Red") that
rules the yard when he's here. No
grackle but ~30 Mourning Doves.
Excellent photos, and I enjoy
your blog "neighbor".
Hap in New Hope

Richard said...

You got me beat by a long shot. Only one of my little red squirrels has the attitude problems.

Mel said...

Nice post Lynne, love the black birds :)

LauraHinNJ said...

That squirrel is hilarious!

Wish we had the red ones here.

Ruth said...

I have never had crows visit my yard, although they are plentiful around here. Our red squirrel hides behind a wooden screen on the deck and ambushes the grey squirrels with a bite in the rear if they approach the feeders. Gives me a laugh every day!

Bird Girl said...

Great! That last shot is priceless!

RuthieJ said...

Your squirrels are so cute.
I've been putting dog food out for my crows--they love it and so do bluejays.

NoBS said...

You just want to snuggle those squirrels!

jalynn01 said...

Holy FAT squirrel. I have never seen one that plump and I have more than I can count. The Red squirrels are so cute even though they spread terror! Love their big round eyes. I had one get caught in my metal garden fence and his eye popped out. My 6 yr. old grand daughter Ali and I rescued him and took him out of harms way. I did see one a week later, but have no idea if it was THE one, but Ali was relieved he survived (if he did)

Red said...

I have never seen such a fat squirrel! I didn't even know it was possible :)

Go Rusty Go!!! Chase them fatties outta there... they've obviously had more than enough birdseed.

Q said...

I also admire the crow. They are very smart birds.
Nice squirrel photo. we are relocating ours. It is jusr too much trouble trying to keep them out of the bird feeders.
Hope you are staying warm.

Larry said...

That Grey Squirrel looks like he swallowed a softball.I like the little Red Squirrels.If Betty Davis were a squirrel she would be a Red Squirrel and I always liked Betty Davis.I know that doesn't make any sense but I figured no one else would say that exact same thing.

Michael t. said...

I live in Marion N.C. and we have about 30 squirrals in our back yard.We put out some bridfeeders and thay have destorded them. But we also put out corn for them but thay steal get into the bridefeeders. I like to wach all the animals around here. the foxes,rabbites,ect. by the way that is the fattest squirral I have ever seen!!!! And I seen alot of squirrales around here.