Wednesday, July 08, 2009

News Flash!

I have big news!
I worked the 4th of July weekend but we were able to take a few days midweek before the holiday weekend to go up to Hasty Brook. I am thrilled beyond words that we signed the contract and construction will begin soon! We've decided to build a big garage (32x32) with a roomy loft above. The loft will be roughly 32x15 and there will be two 12 foot dormers in the center of each side giving us a "plus sign" shaped living space. There will be big windows on three of the loft ends and on the fourth we will have a sliding glass door that will open out to a balcony! The balcony will have a wonderful view of Hasty Brook (that's really the name of the creek). Included in our contract is the installation of a septic system and a drilled well. We plan to put a small bathroom on the garage level. Running water and a flush toilet!! It will be like a palace! Work started on clearing the garage site while we were up there. Art and I had all ready taken down the trees in this area in early spring. It's hard for me to believe that we are finally moving forward with our dream of having a home up there. We think the loft will make a great place to stay when we visit Hasty until we build a home in the future. We'll be doing a lot of the finishing work ourselves but we hope to have a completely closed in building by late summer. We've chosen the vinyl siding, steel roof, windows and trim. We'll do the wiring, insulating and sheet rock/indoor siding ourselves.

The creek water level was way down from our last visit. It's still a really birdy place though.

Chestnut-sided Warblers are singing everywhere.

American Redstarts are nesting near one of the tall spruce behind the camper.

We enjoyed watching these White-breasted Nuthatch babies beg (and beg and beg and beg) for food from their tired looking parents.

I love the song of the Red-breasted Grosbeak. Any opinions out there- is this a first year male? He sure looks tatty.

Red-eyed Vireo's song is a bit repetitious.

On one of our trips in to town to the hardware store I spotted two Purple Martin houses. They were just outside the nursing home. There were several faces in the windows watching the Martins swoop and dive. A friend gave me an old Martin house. I'll need to find out from Katdoc if our place at Hasty is a good spot for Purple Martins.
I left my feeders up and filled two weeks ago when we were there last. When we arrived this time the poles were bent to the ground and the feeders were smashed and/or gone.
I should have known better than to leave them because the same thing happened last summer in June. Art and I went on a long hike along an old logging trail through our woods. We came across an enormous pile of bear scat on the trail. Hmmm...
I know there are plenty of bears up there and I'd be thrilled to see one . I'd just like it to be
from a safe distance. Maybe from the high loft balcony!


Linda in Erie said...

How exciting!! Your dream is coming true! It sounds like such a wonderful plan, too. I can't believe all the birds you get all summer long. How lucky to look out and see those wonderful birds. It would be wonderful to see bears from the safety of your balcony.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Lynne, I am SO happy for you all. That looks like a fabulous place on Hasty Brook Creek. Can't wait 'til you get your palace completed!!!!!

AND--I'll bet those birds and other wildlife are wondering what in heck is going on in 'their' area!!!!!

Yes---the balcony is a good place for you to watch the bears!!!!


ivars krafts said...

Lynne, congratulations to you and Art on your project. I'll be looking for photo updates. This is exciting!

Kathiesbirds said...

How nice to get some good news after the loss of Buddy! Now you have something to look forward to. Can you say "Blogger Birding party?"! I can! (and I can spell it too!) I am so happy for you both! What wonderful birds you have!

KGMom said...

Lynne--this is wonderful WONDERFUL news. And I can't wait to see pics as the building progresses.

I have long thought how nice it would be to have a special "vacation" place, but 2 things deter us. One--we have a swimming pool; kind of counterproductive to leave home with pool for another place. Two--we love to travel to Europe, and just aren't quite wealthy enough to have both.

Jayne said...

Oh Lynne... what fabulous news!! I am so happy for you and Art that your dream is starting to really come true! Can't wait to see the progress as you move forward! Congratulations! XOXO

KatDoc said...

Lynne: So happy for you! The loft-over-the-garage idea sounds like a perfect start towards your goal of living at Hasty Brook. Indoor plumbing - dang girl, you're movin' on up, ain't cha?

From what I can see of the photos, your place probably won't do for PUMA. Martins need lots of open space, for soaring and also to spot and avoid their #1 predators, Accipter hawks. Too many tall trees is the most common reason for failure to start a colony, or loss of an established one, when trees grow up and take over a formerly open area. What natural water do you have there, besides the creek? Purple Martins like lakes, ponds, big rivers or even swimming pools, but they aren't such fans of smaller waterways, given the choice.

But, don't despair - you have Chestnut-sided Warblers and breeding Restarts and RB Grosbeaks and the world's cutest WB Nuthatch family. Lovely pics!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

EXciting news.The summer will go fast with a project like this.I hope we get a play by play with pictures.Have fun.

troutbirder said...

Way to go Lynne. The start of your northwoods dream home. It's now clear to me where all my good spring birds go. North to Hasty Brook. :)

Mary said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! I'm looking forward to seeing Hasty's progress here.


Vickie said...

Wonderful news! I know how excited you must be. Such a labor of love in a place you have enjoyed and wrapped your arms around for so long. Look foward to seeing your progress as you work.

JKoenig said...

How exciting! It was 42 years ago that my husband and I built our house in the forest, and I enjoy being here more and more as time goes on. It has been fun this past year since I retired to actually have the time to observe all the wildlife activity going on around me.

I am very happy for you. Look forward to seeing how your dream progresses.

possumlady said...

Oh, this is so cool and I'm so so happy for you!

I'm also always jealous of the bird activity you have up there. I'll have to be content with my regular backyard birds. I must say the incessant high pitched squeaking and squawking of the juvenile jays and red bellied woodpeckers for food is starting to get on my nerves!! I can't imagine how the parents put up with it ;-)

Susan said...

Lynn, your future palace sounds great!

Richard said...

I see a drywalling party in the making. Sure hope that toilet is up and running by

Beth said...

What wonderful news, Lynne! Can't wait to see pictures and read all about your adventures in building up at Hasty Brook.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,

Ditto on what everyone ahead of
me said. I couldn't be happier
for you, Art, and the kids.

Hap in New Hope

jalynn01 said...

Good for you! A project like that will keep you busy and your mind reeling and planning and dreaming for quite sometime. Don't forget to get pictures of all those beautiful birds you have during the construction and of course pictures of the progress too! A tall order.

Sure sounds like a bear to me... they have invaded my yard a few times too. It would be cool to get pix off that new balcony.. . but remember they can climb really well.. haha So glad to hear from you via your blog again.. Have a great day Lynne.

Red said...

Very exciting news Lynne!

Well, perhaps next time you'll remember not to leave the seed out for the bears :D

Sounds like a wonderful place to spend your off-time before you retire and the heavenly upon retirement.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, I am SO excited for you. I'm looking forward to hearing about every little step toward your Eden.

Shellmo said...

Lynne- I am so very happy and excited for you!! I know what's it like to get closer to your dream of having a home out in nature! Your plans sound great and practical! I hope you continue to post photos of your progress!
Hugs to you!!!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
Congratulations on your good news! It will be exciting to see your homestead progressing. Are you going to have a pretty blue metal roof like Deb's?

Susan Gets Native said...

Zippity do da, zippity ya!!!!!
My oh my what a wonderful day!!!!
*Get that house built and it will make a perfect Flock get-away. We can drink all of Kathi's wine and go skinny-dipping in Hasty Brook!*

Anonymous said...

Hasty Brook always looks so idylic, like some kind of nature lover's utopia: peaceful and joyful. It is nice to see your labor of love bloom in front of your eyes.

Leedra said...

So very exciting. Jimmy and I have built twice and it is so much fun. When the stress comes take a stroll beside Hasty Brook and all will be well in short order. We had a blast! Congratulations for the beginning. We will be watching as this process proceeds.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Nice to see the new green place your home will be at.

No offense, but you may wish to see this…Height of Cruelty

Carolyn H said...

Lynne: Very, very cool. So when will your new place be "done"? Love the photos, too. Chestnut-sided warbler is one of my favorites!

Carolyn H.

Q said...

Dear Lynne,
This is wonderful news. Having a place to stay and be all cozy and comfortable will be wonderful.
Your dreams are coming true.
Hasty Brook IS a slice of heaven. Always enjoy all the photographs of your many warblers!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool - congratulations! When's the house-warming party? Or is it "garage-warming"?

dAwN said...

Oh Congrats! That is so exciting! I dont know how I missed this post..I know i looked back several times and kept seeing your sweet little bunnie..
Looks like you have wonderful birds at Hasty brook.
Bears from a distance always best!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely setting. . . and I'm awed that you're going to do so much of the work yourselves. I remember Minnesota winters. Work fast!

Um. . . bears large enough to bend poles? fast!

I look forward to watching your progress.
Oh...West Virginia photos are simply lovely!

Eve said...

FANTASTIC Lynne!! Except for the bears part! I wish you luck in all the work ahead. Can't wait until you're all settled in!

Anonymous said...

What great news, Lynne, I am happy for you guys. There is nothing more exciting than a project, and when you have a dream attached, it can't be any better.

I do agree that the best place to view bears is from above. You do know though, that they can climb!

It will be fun to watch the progress on your place.

Anonymous said...

What great news, Lynne, I am happy for you guys. There is nothing more exciting than a project, and when you have a dream attached, it can't be any better.

I do agree that the best place to view bears is from above. You do know though, that they can climb!

It will be fun to watch the progress on your place.

Tina said...

Can't get any more exciting than building a home you've dreamed about...and at such an awesome site like Hasty Brook!! I'm so excited for you and Art and all your critters!
A lot of hard work but oh the pay off!! WOW!!

Larry said...

Congratulations! I am happy for you both.That's what I call living the good life.

Ruth said...

Congratulations on your great news. You and Art must be talented builders. We would have to contract out the entire project. Love all the bird pictures.

Anonymous said...

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