Saturday, September 23, 2006

Buddy in the Garden

Every morning our dog Gidget and our bunny Buddy race me to the back door for their morning romp in the back yard. I usually take my coffee outside with me because it take a bit for Gidget to do her business and thoroughly sniff the yard for overnight intruders. Buddy always hops straight for this flower bed and checks it over from one end to the other. When he's satisfied that all is in order, he tears across the yard to follow Gidget on her rounds.

"Can you see me back here?"

"The meal worms are all gone- you better fill it."

"This looks tasty!"

"We want to go in NOW!"

"Tired... "


Susan Gets Native said...

OH! I totally understand why people have bunnies!
It's nice that they both get along.

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh Lynne, Buddy is beautiful!!!

That first pic with the sunflowers is precious! Bunnies look so beautiful outside with the flowers and grass - wish I had the nerve to bring mine outside more often.

How do you manage it? Guess your yard is fenced, but you don't have to chase Buddy down to go in?

How sweet that Buddy and Gidget go out for morning rounds together and get along so well!

Thanks for these great pics!

LauraO said...

Ohmygosh - that last picture of that sleepy bunny is just too cute. All these great bunny stories are really making me want to get a bunny..but I think I need to wait until I'm dogless. Boomer would never be as patient and friendly as Gidget and Buddy are.

Lynne said...

Laura, Laura and Susan-
It took a long time of watching before I trusted Gidget entirely with Buddy. Gidget is a definite alpha female around other dogs. We don't allow her to chase the rabbit and she gets lots of good attention when she is gentle with Buddy.

Our yard is fenced but I never take my eyes off Buddy outside.

MojoMan said...

I had to slap myself. I actually started to imagine what it could be like to have a rabbit as a pet! You make it sound like a little bit of Eden where the lions lie down with the lambs. Thanks for sharing!

lené said...

What a sweet, cheerful post. :) Thanks for making me smile tonight.

Rondeau Ric said...

Our thre cats might not take kindly to a rabbit.

They are insiders and on the rare occassions they slip out they chase any rabbits or chipmunkd in the area. Fortunately they haven't got out when the skunk is visiting.

As for the last photo, it's a good tired.

dguzman said...

That's one tuckered-out bunny!

I was worried about the cats going feral on our bunny Niblet when we brought him home, but his in-your-face social behavior freaked the cats out, and they wanted no part of him. I think his bravery made them respect him. I think they now think of him as a weird kind of cat who gets his own litterbox.

NatureWoman said...

I didn't know you had a bunny - that's so cool! I love it that your bunny and dog get along so well. Your photos are gorgeous. Poor tired bunny!

Wenda said...

What mojoman said! My cat and dog get along like this, too, and I love our walks together, but I'm not sure how safe a bunny would be with either of them.

Lynne said...

Mojoman, Ric, Lene, Pam, dguzman and Wenda-

Buddy and Gidget do get along well. Buddy often sidles up to the dog, hoping to get his face washed. Gidget usually obliges! I'll have to try to get a picture of that!

Thanks for stopping. :)