Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cooper's on the Shed!

This gorgeous Cooper's hawk has been buzzing the feeder station all summer, and finally she landed long enough for me to drink in a good long look.

The feeder station (converted swing set) is about 6 feet to the left of this shed (converted play house!).

The yard is dead silent when she's around.

She hopped down the fence to the right of the shed. In front of her is a brush pile that the songbirds like. She watched that pile for quite some time looking for movement. In the past I've seen her punch down into that brush pile trying to shake out a meal.

I watched her open her mouth repeatedly, it looked like yawning, then she bent over and coughed up a pellet. I ran out after she left, with a baggie in my hand, and looked for a good 20 minutes for that pellet- no luck. My kids came outside to see what I was looking for. When I explained, they just looked at each other and shook their heads. John told me "Mom you're sooo weird. You need to get a life."


NatureWoman said...

Nice photos - wow! I wonder what happened to the pellet. She coughed it up, you'd think it would be there *somewhere*!
I've taken owl pellets apart before to find the various little bones of the rodent they've eaten. It's so cool!

Lynne said...

Thanks Pam- I was thrilled to get such a good look. I looked so carefully for that pellet. I wonder if it could have gone through the fence and into the lilacs on the other side? I couldn't get over there to look.

LauraHinNJ said...

I know that *you're so weird* look - see it all the time!

Awesome pics! Love hawks, but never get to see them low or within range of the camera. How lucky you are!

Brother sent me some pics of a Coop that frequents his yard - been meaning to post them but haven't yet - maybe tomorrow.

Lynne said...

Laura- I'm not much of a lister but it sure was a cool yard bird! I'll be looking for your Cooper's hawk post.

Endment said...

What a delightful experience. I really enjoy seeing your photos of your visitor.

Lynne said...

Thank you Endment! It was really exciting for me. Thanks also for visiting!

Laura said...

How nice for that Coopers to be so cooperative - that doesn't happen often. Pellets can blend well with the surroundings. Since I am so weird too (is there another way to be?) if it were me, I'd look again....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful photos! After spotting what I think was a sharp-shinned hawk in the woods last week, I've taken a new interest in these woodland bird-eaters. Your photos will help me ID others I may see.

Can coopers be trained to kill only starlings and house sparrows? As with so many things in life, there is a conflict of emotions. These birds are majestic, beautiful and mysterious, and yet they kill other birds we love.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

Al at http://moosehilljournal.blogspot.com/

(Hey, what's up with this beta blogger?! I can't post using my ID??)

Susan said...

I was driving home this afternoon and a hawk flew low across the road. I'm no hawk expert (we mostly see red-tails here), but I got a good look at it so I could look it up when I returned home. Of course by the time I got home, I'd forgotten all about it - until I read your post tonight. I'm sure it was a coopers - it had that long striped tail.

Susan said...

Thank you for adding a link to my blog! I'll do the same for yours (as soon as I remember how to do it - lol)

Susan Gets Native said...

What a cooperative Coop!
You can really see the field marks on her: Flat head, dark cap.
It just so happens that I did an educaional program today at a local high school about pellets. I took two owls and also our peregrine falcon, since she makes pellets, too.
Speaking of Coops: I only see them in the yard around this time of year. I guess all the frenetic energy around the feeders grabs their attention.
BTW: Can I add your blog link to my blog? The people who read mine would be interested in yours!

Lynne said...

Susan and Susan-
Thanks for visiting and I am delighted and flattered to be linked in your blogs!

mollyndkafj said...

i miss the playhouse