Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today's Best Dressed Bird in New Hope

Not loved by many, but can you really deny his beauty?
In fifth place- Grackle!
Mr. Oriole is looking a bit resentful, but it's a tie for fourth -
Oriole and the chickadee finial.
Third place- Ms. Oriole!
smack, slurp- "I'd like to thank the voters..."
Stopping in for a quick bite to eat, our bird in second place is Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird.
Ant the winner of The Best Dressed Bird in New Hope is....
I've has a Harris' Sparrow visit my yard for the last several years, staying only a few days. I was getting a bit worried that he wouldn't show up this year but I spied him two days ago. He comes scratching under the back feeders several times a day. I've got to say- I really think he's the best looking sparrow.

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Susan Gets Native said...

Well, well, well. Don't WE have a pleasant assortment of lovelies in the yard?
All of my lovelies must be off making babies. The feeders are eerily quiet.

Marsha said...

I agree that Mr. Harris is the best looking sparrow but if you see what my pond/rocks/bridge look like right now compliments of the grackels you would understand why I definitely wouldn't have him on any of my lists :-) Cute post!

RuthieJ said...

I never saw Mr. Harris in my yard this spring. He certainly is a handsome bird though.

Linda in Erie said...

Now if Grackles were some rare specie we'd be all over ourselves with happiness if they came to our feeders. They are pretty, but...actually I like them better than all the Starlings I'm getting. I'm partial to Orioles but I have to agree that is one good-looking sparrow. I have never seen one (Harris Sparrow that is.)Great photos! The birds show such personality.

Susan Gets Native said...

By the way, to answer the question in your comment:
Barn owls do "toe-dusting" when they are uncomfortable or feeling threatened. I imagine No-No will stop doing that someday. But until then, we can all enjoy his cuteness!

Mel said...

That's a fun Oriole :)
The pictures are so pretty!
BTW, I just posted and I think you may like it ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, I agree, that Harris'
is one handsome bird and deserves
the title of New Hope's best dressed bird. I too, see them in
my yard every spring, this year
there were 1 to 3 daily from May
7th to May 18th. Haven't seen any
since the 18th. Great photos!!
Hap in New Hope

Kathiesbirds said...

Awesome birds! I've never seen a Harris Sparrow. Lucky you. I've given you an Award for Blogs that make my day. Find info here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, thought we'd say hi on your blog, which is very nice to read. Also to say we've been having Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds, finches and a few sparrows showing up at our place as well. We haven't been graced as of yet with Orioles.

I agree the Harris Sparrow is a nice one at that.

Jayne said...

Yay! Now even THAT'S an LBJ I could probably identify! LOL! Love your best dressed list Lynne!

Eve said...

OH I have to agree Lynne! Mr Harris is beautiful. I have never seen one so thank you for posting this beautiful photo!

Lynne said...

Susan- I think because we're a bit behind you season-wise, I still get beaucoup birds at my feeders. Haven't seen a warbler in a week though.

Marsha- I understand that grackles really make a mess. And they ARE bullies, but in the sun, at the right angle...

Ruthie- I sure was hoping he'd show up. I enjoy watching them.

Linda- I'll take a grackle over a starling any day!

Susan (again)- thanks. Something about that "toe-dusting" made me feel sad.

Mel- I saw your Amazilia amazilia! Cool pix!

Hap in New Hope- I'm glad you agree! I really need to keep a journal of dates of birds. I was feeling they were late. AND you need a blog Hap! You really know your stuff.

Kathie- Thank you kindly for the award and sweet words!

Mike and Lizette- Do you have jelly out to attract the orioles? They're really going after the meal worms right now too.

Jayne- The Harris' Sparrow is really distinctive isn't he?

Eve- IMHO, Mr. Harris is the prettiest sparrow. I'm always so excited to see him.

Mary C said...

I like your choices, Lynne. I'm glad you are sharing these photos with us, especially of the Harris' Sparrow. I don't think I would ever see one, especially here in California.

dguzman said...

Nice choices, nice yardbirds! I've never seen a Harris's.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a harris sparrow, he is a looker, isn't he?

Lovely bunch of visitors you have.

nina said...

I'll add my name to the list of never-seers.

And such a handsome bird.
No wonder he wins!

Anonymous said...

We do need to get an Oriole feeder so we could add the jelly, but right now we just cut an orange in half and put it in the plastic dish that was meant to be for water but we felt it was too small for water dish so we have a larger dish for water sitting on the patio table. We do have the mealworms in one of those dual window feeders currently one side has black oil sunflower seed in it. But both the orange and worms are currently eaten by several of the house finches so far. Someday when we get into a home with our own yard we can expand but right now it is limited space in the townhome we are at.

Mary said...


Well, well, well. The only bird I've ever seen on this lovely post is the Grackle. Are you surprised? But - in all honesty, they are glorious looking birds.

I'd pass out to see Mr. Harris, though :o)


Q said...

Dear Lynne,
I too have a Harris Sparrow every spring. He stays for a couple of days. I am always excited to see him!
I am a Chipping Sparrow lover but Harris is a close second!
The Orioles do delight me. I love their chattering and song.
Fun post.

Trixie said...

What a varied assortment visiting your house. You must offer great hospitality.

Laurie said...

They are all lovely. thank you for sharing them with us.

Owlman said...

On behalf of Mr. Oriole I demand a recount! I'm doing my utmost to attract these guys to my garden and he gets such a low vote from you. Please send him to NJ ;-)

Larry said...

Nice photos-!Lucky you with the Harris-people drove hours to see one in CT.

Bird Girl said...

Outstanding bird pictures and I LOVE that Harris sparrow - I've never seen one! Wow!