Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Warblers in a Super-saturated Solution

I went birding this morning with a swell birder named Thomas. I have been reading his posts on the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union listserv and had emailed him last week to get directions to a birding spot that he'd posted about. We met this morning on the west side of Eagle Lake in Maple Grove (about five miles west of me in New Hope). What an amazing morning. Warblers have always frustrated me. They're flitty, often high in the trees, against bright sky, and often obscured by leaves. Well, today I think I moved up a bit on the learning curve. Experience has helped me to be able to spot the bird and get it into view in my binoculars more quickly. Reviewing my field guides and comparing common field marks has helped me at least narrow down my options. Today, thanks to Thomas' generous help, patience and tips I had a 17 warbler day!!
This Black-throated Green Warbler was actually the last bird we saw this morning.
A lifer for me and for Thomas.
Not a terrific picture but I've always liked capturing (accidentally) birds in motion.
This Golden-winged Warbler is one I found at the same Eagle Lake area last week. I was excited to find and identify it on my own. Lifer! Whoot!

Sweet Magnolia Warbler. Lifer!
Blackpoll Warbler. Lifer!
Chestnut-sided Warbler.
I think this Blackburnian Warbler is one of the prettiest birds I've ever seen. And it's a lifer!

American Redstarts were everywhere this morning. I couldn't get any nice perched pictures but these two were putting on such a great show.
They match the siding on this house.
Yellow Warbler from Cirque du Soleil.
Black and White Warbler- the only warbler song that I know.
At one point Thomas gave a yelp and said that a bird nearly flew into my legs. It landed in a nearby pine and look who it was- a Bay-breasted Warbler!! Lifer!"OUCH!!" Pine needles are tough on the toes.
I must have taken 50-60 pictures of this beautiful bird.
Just look at one more!
Why is it called a "Common" Yellowthroat? What's so common about this little beauty hopping along around the forest floor?
My list for today:
Canada Warbler (L)
Magnolia Warbler (L)
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler (L)
American Redstart
Yellow Warbler
Common Yellowthroat (L)
Black and White Warbler
Blackpoll Warbler (L)
Northern Waterthrush (L)
Blackburnian Warbler (L)
Palm Warbler
Nashville Warbler
Wilson's Warbler
Bay-breasted Warbler (L)
Golden-winged Warbler (later in the day at another park)
Great Crested Flycatcher (L)


cindy said...

Way to go girl! To think you not only got to see and identify them, you also got some pretty good shots of them as well! You have really taken a step up. Maybe even a giant leap! Did you think of any of life's problems while you were birding? Probably not. Birding can totally clear my head. Great fun today for you!

Lynne said...

Cindy- You're right! I left all thoughts of life's problems behind and really immersed myself in the birds. And for the first time I birded warblers without being frustrated.

Susan Gets Native said...

Jeez. Your warbler pictures turned out a heap nicer than mine.
It does my heart good to see you getting out and checking out the birdies.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lynne . . . those pictures! Amazing. Do you have a new camera? Superb pictures! I am so - uh - jealous . . . well, not really because while I am wishing I had pictures half so nice, I'm really glad that you took them. If that makes sense at all. Shutting up now! :)

Mary C said...

Wow! Lynne, that was quite a full warbler day! Great job! BTW, every bird you listed would be lifers for me.

Linda in Erie said...

I've only seen four of those warblers. Wow, that is unbelievable to see that many in one birding outing! And you got fantastic pictures! I'm up early to meet the banding group this morning and I hope I can add a few more to my "lifer list."

Jayne said...

Holy cow Lynne! Warblerpalooza!!!! I am so impressed (and a wee bit jealous too) that you got to see so many species and identify them! Whoo Hoooo! You go girl!

Ruth said...

What beautiful birds! and your pictures are great. I love the Redstart action.

Marsha said...

WOW! Who knew you could spot all these beautiful warblers in MN!!! I am so happy that you got to see all these and even happier that you got some awesome photos to share with the rest of us who will probably never see some of these birds let alone in one day! Amazing! Can you tell I am excited for you with all the !!!

Lynne said...

Susan- Thanks. It was better than therapy! And cheaper too!!

Liza- Thank you. Yes I did get a new camera for Christmas- a Canon Rebel XTi/400D. Two weeks ago Art splurged on a new lens for it too- a 100-400mm/4.5-5.6 IS. It makes me look better than I really am! It was a combo Valentine's Day/Mother's Day/get-me-out-of-the-house-after-a-really-crappy-winter gift.

Mary C- thanks- it was warbler overload!

Linda- thank you. I'd realy like to find a banders group to learn from. Teach us what you learn!

Jayne- No jealousy allowed from the queen of the most colorful yard-birds in the nation!

Ruth- I loved the Redstart action pix too. Especially since I couldn't get ANY perching shots!

Marsha- Thanks alot! It was a really amazing day for me but I wouldn't have had such a day without Thomas' help- a guy who I'd never even met before who was kind enough to help me out and share what he knew.

Richard said...

Great pictures. I'm still looking for about half of them but there are so many warblers around that at times it's hard to ID them.

Lynne said...

Richard- Thank you. I agree. When there are so many sometimes it's hard to get a bead on just one to id it.

Deb said...

Lynne- Wow, what a day! I went out looking for warblers yesterday too, but I didn't bring my field guide with me and it turned out to be an exercise in frustration trying to remember the details.

Glad you got to meet Thomas. I always enjoy the enthusiasm in his MOU posts.

Carolyn H said...

Lynne, What a super morning you had! And those photos aren't shabby either! congratulations!!

Carolyn H.

Eve said...

Absolutly wonderful post for warbler lovers Lynne!!! Your shots are supurb!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
My regulars at my home are the yellow warbler and common yellowthroat. They nest here, but no others.
I love the redstart shots!!

Trixie said...

Lynne --

YIPPY! Amazing day! You captured it so well. That Bay Breasted is gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Lynne you got some great shots. I am still in the "just getting a glimpse of them" stage of warbler watching. I am impressed with you!

cjs said...

What an unbelievable day! Congrats on the lifers and the photos, they're all great!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great shots...every one of them. I especially like the Redstarts. They are such fast little things and your photos of them are amazing.

Larry said...

Bou Lynne-I've never gotten that many good warbler photos! You really got some great photos!A Golden-winged would be a pretty rare bird in CT.

Mary said...

A 17 WARBLER DAY??? You go, Linne!!!!!

From the warbler-less chick in NC,

RuthieJ said...

Lynne, sounds like your warbler day was awesome (and I am SO jealous!)

Your photos are beyond fabulous (Mr. Art is a keeper for sure!)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Lynne, you have been rather
quiet for a while, then BAM!, you
hit us with visual overload. I am
happy you had such a great birding
adventure today with Thomas. Your
photos are stunning. I was especially taken with the Bay-breasted shots. Way to go Lynne.
Good Birding to you,
Hap in New Hope

Q said...

Dear Lynne,
Oh my goodness! So many wonderful Warblers and photos! WOW! ALl of them are wonderful. I am so excited for you.
I have seen very few warblers. All you saw would be lifers for me too!
I am happy for you...
When in doubt go birding!

nina said...

That's wonderful!
Such beauty so close at hand--and so many great glimpses saved for us.

I'm glad that you're finding the wonders of spring. Still.

LauraO said...

Holy cow! What a list, and what great warbler pics! Very impressive for birds that are constantly moving!

Lynne said...

Deb- It was fun to meet Thomas. His enthusiasm is genuine and he's gracious in sharing his birding knowledge.

Carolyn- It was a beautiful morning. Like a gift.

Eve- I like the Redstarts too. They are in perpetual motion.

Trixie- The Bay-breasted seemed to be posing, turning so we could see his beautiful self from all angles!

Sandy- I sure learned alot.

CJS- Thank you and thanks for visiting!

ncmountainwoman- Thanks. Did you see the beak on the chasing Redstart was open?

Larry- Wee-hee! It was fun. I've seen two Golden-winged Warblers now. Hopefully I'll know it again if I ever see one.

May- I'll trade you some of mine for a mocker and a Caralina Chickadee. :)

Ruthie- Yeah, Art's a keeper!

Hap- It was a tough winter for me. It was good to get out and immerse myself in the season.

Sherry- "When in doubt, go birding". I like that!!

Nina- I bought a new birding hat for the new spring. It says "Life is Good" on the brim. My new mantra.

Mel said...

Hi Lynne, what an amazing list!
All of them would be lifers for me! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Lynne - you certainly got your USDAW (that's the U.S. Daily Allowance of Warblers)!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lynne - you certainly got your USDAW (that's the U.S. Daily Allowance of Warblers)!

Anonymous said...

That is a plethora of warblers. I'm amazed you could keep track of them all.

KGMom said...

WOW--looks like you hit the jackpot, both with warblers and with comments. Well deserved too!
I have to disagree with scienceguy288--the proper collective noun for warblers is NOT plethora--according the it is "a bouquet of warblers", "a confusion of warblers", "a fall of warblers", and a "wrench of warblers."

possumlady said...

Wow! That's all I can say. I had NO idea you could see so many different warblers right outside the Twin Cities! Who knew? (I certainly didn't but then I moved when I was a wee 22 year old when my thoughts were definitely not on birds ;-))


Lynne said...

Born Again- I feel healthier all ready!

Mel- It was great fun.

Scienceguy288- I was nearly overloaded.

KGmom- Ooo- I like a "bouquet of warblers"

possumlady- I can't remember what I was thinking about at age 22 (too long ago) but it sure wasn't birds either!

Kathiesbirds said...

Lynee, Whoo Hoo!!!!!! Can I go birding with you next time! ;0