Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Sorry about the sad lack of posts lately, it seems I'm barely able to keep my nose above water with.... well I don't know what exactly, but I've been busy! I'm happy to say we'll be packing up the truck and heading north to Hasty Brook this weekend. I've been up there only twice this year and we haven't spent a night there at all. We'll be restocking the camper with fresh bedding, filling the propane tanks and thoroughly cleaning the water tanks. We'll also be bringing along two sets of loppers and a hand saw to scout out the newly annexed "South Hasty." I'm hoping the ticks are past their peak. Two weeks ago when I was there they were THICK. It seemed the deer ticks out-numbered the wood ticks by about two to one. Ugh.
I don't think I mentioned before that the beavers are back in the creek. I thought I'd seen new evidence of them last fall but two weeks ago I actually saw the pair. Maybe I'll regret their presence as I know they can do a lot of damage, but for now it's their creek and they're fun to watch.
His head is under water.
It's softball season. Molly has played for a community girl's slow pitch league for four summers now. The games are all on weeknights (except for the tournaments) and are all very close to home. I love watching the girls play. It's all about sportsmanship, skills and teamwork. I'll be parked in my chair in the shade tonight, sipping iced tea and snacking on spitters. Ahhh....
I took Molly to the DMV yesterday to take her driver's permit test. There were signs posted THANKING people for "complying with the policy of refraining from profanity and/or violence within the building!!"
We need a policy for that?
We need to thank people for compliance?
The line for the permit test was the same line for reinstatement of driving privileges following a DWI. Every single adult that was getting privileges reinstated argued about the fees. The fees are substantial- but give me a break- if you broke the law, put lives in danger- you're lucky that $$ is the only consequence.
One more rant. After Molly passed her exam (Hurray!) we were sent to yet another line to wait for her actual permit. Behind us in line was a man who must have BATHED in cologne, talking very LOUDLY on his blue tooth phone. For 35 minutes he crammed himself up behind us, yacking without a breath. Now maybe it's a Minnesota thing, but obviously he'd never heard about personal space. Or moderation with his cologne. Or how rude it is to blab at the top of your lungs indoors in a crowded line.
Where are manners? Why do we need a policy prohibiting profanity and violence?
That's all.
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Kathiesbirds said...

Can't wait to hear more about Hasty Brook.

Congrats on the permit.

Perhaps they need a policy about cell phones, personal space, and colonge instead!

Mary said...


First, what's a spitter?

Yay for Hasty Brook! Have a lovely, tickless time :o)

Those photos of Molly are sweet. I love them. Makes me think of Gina in her sporting days. I miss them!

Congratulations, Molly! Go easy on Mom and Dad when you're behind the wheel. Make sure you keep that cell phone packed away in your bag and go easy on the cologne, too.

Public places like the DMV annoy me. I was once in a line hehind a dirtball who stunk so badly I thought I was going to lose my guts and faint. Not fun!

Have fun, Linne!


NatureWoman said...

Yeah, what *is* a spitter? Congratulations on the addition to Hasty Brook - yay! And on Molly getting her permit. And society is just getting ruder and ruder every time I turn around, sigh.

Stephanie said...

cool pitures

Anonymous said...

Repel is the answer to ticks. Spray socks and pants-- no ticks.

Lynne said...

Kathie- I think we just need to expect common decency and good manners.

Mary and Pam- Spitters are sunflower seeds in the shell. I eat mine by cracking them open with my teeth then picking the seed out with my fingers. Most folks pop several in their mouth, crack them, eat the seeds and spit out the shells with out their fingers. You don't want to be sitting downwind of someone eating spitters on a windy day!

Stephanie- Thank you and thanks fro visiting.

Linda in Erie said...

Hi, Lynne. I left you an email regarding when we will be in Minneapolis.

Congratulations Molly on getting your permit. I think there are rude people like that everywhere now days.

Lynne said...

Rick- Yep, 30% DEET will help!

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah, me too. What the heck is a spitter? Do I want to know?
Second, I am one who does not suffer fools gladly. I would have let the guy talk for a few minutes, then would have calmly turned and said, "Do you mind holding off on that very loud conversation until we are gone?"
It's very hard to continue to be a d*ck after being reprimanded.

But that's just me.
: )

Mary C said...

Molly's slow pitch games reminded me of days gone by when Red played girls softball. And your cologne story made me think of this past year on Sunday mornings, singing in the choir and having to breathe nothing but someone's cologne -- hard to sing that way. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone ever has consideration for others anymore. And you had me laughing and wondering what were spitters -- but upon thinking about it I had the concept that they were sunflower seeds in the shell. I'm glad to know you reaffirmed my guess.

Jayne said...

Have fun at Hasty Brook Lynne! Congrats to Molly!!

Eve said...

Hi Lynne!
Good rant!!! It's hard to understand how rude people have become!
Hey!! You might want to think about getting Guinea Fowl for your new place out on Hasty Brook!! They are supposed to be tick eating machines! I'll let you know. Congrats for Molly...Have a great day.

NCmountainwoman said...

Those rude obnoxious people make life at your Hasty Brook all the more inviting.

We have lots of tourists during the summer and they bring bad manners from all over the country. We try not to go to town during weekends.

Marsha said...

Congrats to Molly! Those nervous years with a teen driver are starting for you Lynne :-) No matter how much you know they are good drivers those late nights are killers!

The sign is almost funny but I imagine it was put there for those drivers trying to get "reinstated". They guy on the phone must not have been a native Minnesotan after all, we are all Minnesota nice aren't we?

Carolyn H said...

Have a great time up at Hasty Brook! I hope it's a wonderful weekend!

Carolyn H.

mon@rch said...

I hope you have fun at Hasty Brook! Take lots of pictures!

Laurie said...

I can't wait to hear about your adventures at Hasty Brook!


RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
I'm envious of the nice & quiet weekend you're going to enjoy up at HastyBrook....I'll be with you in spirit.
So it's not just me thinking that people are becoming more rude.... I asked my cashier at Hy-Vee last week if it bothered her when people are on the phone the entire time their groceries are rung up and she said she's gotten used to it, but they don't get a choice of paper or plastic! Having been a cashier and experienced this myself, I always make sure to give them the courtesy of my attention when I'm the customer. Doesn't everyone deserve this? Obviously some people don't think so. (sigh)

Mel said...

I know what you mean with the 'bathed in cologne' thing... There are a couple of guys at the office that you know are in the building because their cologne goes before (and after!!) them... arghhh...

Larry said...

I've been posting less than you have and have barely read any blogs for the last couple of months. It kind of maes you wonder what type of place you are visiting if they have to put up a sing like that.