Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Up, Up and Away


Marsha said...

What a beautiful and majestic eagle! Your shots are just amazing! Wish I'd been there :-)

Linda in Erie said...

That's a great way to present a slideshow. Eagles are just so majestic. Is that from the lake up near Brainerd?

cjs said...

Great slideshow . . what a beautiful bird!

Larry said...

Wow! very nice! You're going all high tech on me now. Easy does it-I still have a rotary dial phone in my house you know.

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, well. Look at Miss Fancy Britches!

barefoot gardener said...

How in the world do you always manage to get such great pics of birds?! I am totally in awe. I can't get decent pics of things that sit still, for crying out loud.

Jayne said...

Feels like we're right there Lynne! So very beautiful!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great shots. You're getting so good you might want to think of leaving your day job.

Thanks for letting us fly with the eagle!

Q said...

Dear Lynne,
that was very fun!!!
I felt as if I was there in real time. Watching the Easgles is one of my favorite past times. Now I can watch yours in the comfort of my office!
Wonderful Lynne.

Bird Girl said...

How awesome, Lynne! You did a great job panning that Bald Eagle in flight! Lucky you to get that close to an eagle!!! Wow!

Anonymous said...

What a great slideshow. Wonderful eagle captures in motion.

dguzman said...

After Low-Tech Delia figured out how to view the pics, she thought they were awesome!

Shellmo said...

Loved the series of eagle photos - they are just so magical!

Eve said...

Wonderful slide show Lynne! Beautiful scenery!!
I'll get back to you soon on that flower name! Hope to have it tomorrow!
Have a good evening.

Mary said...

Linne, this is FABBO! I like SLIDE and need to investigate.

How did you get such great shots of a Bald Eagle in flight? Burst mode? I never see them here. But, I don't get out much, either.


Lynne said...

Marsha- Wish you were there too! It'd be fun to meet.

Linda- Yep. North of Brainerd, Backus, Mn to be exact.

CJS- thanks for visiting. It was fun to put together.

Larry- sorry... My kids don't know how to use a rotary phone! ;)

Susan- britches-got 'em, fancy- you bet!

Barefoot- thank you!

Jayne- wish you WERE there!

NCMountainwoman- It was cool to watch the wing motion.

Sherry- I'm just trying to get all cool techie like you!

Bird Girl- that's a nice compliment coming from you. Thanks.

Scienceguy288- thank you.

LowTechDelia- Aren't you the one who figured out how to put a BirdJam on your phone?

Shellmo- thanks for visiting They really are majestic.

Eve- northern Minnesota is just so beautiful.

May- Yep- burst mode. And lots of luck. You need to get out more. :)

RuthieJ said...

Cool slide show Lynne. And what better subject than a Bald Eagle!

Kathiesbirds said...

Well, you were int he right place at the right time weren't you! Birds in flight are amazing photos. Great job! Thanks for stopping by today!

Eve said...

Hi Lynne,
If you remember that pretty orange flower you were asking me about, I finally found out the name of it...Nemesia! It's an annual.
Hope all is well.

Mel said...

Hi Lynne,
What a great sequence!! I missed visiting you :(