Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Has it Really Been a Month?

Sorry for the lack of posts this past month. No excuses, I'll just catch up.

Art and the kids had the flu last week, fevers, aching muscles, cough and sore throat. The whole works. They all seem to be on the mend. I'm not sure why but I didn't get it. Thank God.
A few weeks ago I got to spend a morning birding with "Hap in New Hope." For the most part birding was slow but the conversation was wonderful. Hap brought along a great photo album of many of the rare birds that he's seen here in Minnesota over the years. Any time that I can spend with Hap is special and I can be sure that I'm going to learn something good.
Thanks Hap! I hope we can go birding again soon.
We have snow. On the ground.
My mad knitting skilz that Ruthie taught me are getting dusty. I finished my green dishcloth without too many bumps and loops (not part of the pattern!) I did find some pretty yarn at the thrift store last Friday and I hope to get back on track. I need to crank out a few posts first!~~~~
Canada Geese are flocking by the hundreds in the corn fields near home. I scan every flock hoping this will be the flock hiding a Cackling Goose. No luck yet...
I've applied for a 911 emergency address for Hasty Brook.
An address. That makes it real.
On our last trip to Hasty the siding and roof were on. We talked to the builder last week and the well is in! The plumber should be out soon to install the bathroom fixtures. Then we need to get electricity to the pump and we'll have running water!! We'll need to buy a water heater over the winter so we can run the shower next spring. I immagine showering with well water would be brisk.
I love it! I saw my first Great Blue Heron sneaking up along the creek. I'd heard them there before and they've flown over but it was the first in the "yard."

The view from the drive in to our place. Both garage doors are installed now.
You can see my spotting scope on the balcony. It's just a pefect spot for me to watch the creek and all the life around it. I'd like to find some kind of mount to attach to the railing so I don't have to have the tripod up there. Space is limited on the balcony and the tripod takes up a lot of it.

Here is the view of our new building from near the road. The clearing just ahead is the septic mound. This was the only site on our land that met the 150 foot set back (from the creek) required by the county. This area and the trees around it seems to be a popular evening roost spot for the wild turkeys up there. The big tom likes to do his strutting dance back and forth across the mound.

Isn't this a great spot to sip coffee and watch the world go by? The maples were just beginning to turn. We won't be able to go back up there until October 23rd. I hope the leaves aren't all gone by then.

Backing up from the chair, on the left you can see the stairway up from the garage.

Under the dormer oposite the stairs, we'll have a small kitchen. You can see the pipes coming up through the floor where the sink and counter will go.

Across the whole back we plan to biuld a wall to separate off a big bedroom. (15x32) Since the walls on the ends of this room are only 4 feet high, we plan to put up walls to create storage space on either end. We can't decide if we should make this space into two bedrooms. We have all winter to decide how to finish off this space. We'll also need to make a decsion about heating the building. We had the slab built with the pipes for in-floor heating but have not had the boiler installled. We'll wait until closer to the time when we can live there year-round. It will serve as our cabin for several years until our kids are grown and we are able to build a home at Hasty Brook.
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The Early Birder said...

Hi Lynne. Great to see the cabin taking shape and getting so much closer to being ready for use.
A 'hide clamp' that fixes to the railing should enable you to use the scope & give you lots more space on the balcony with its super views. Best wishes to Art & the kids - pleased they are on the mend. FAB.

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

You gonna be able to stay away from there until spring? Or will you be spending time there over the winter?

Either way, it's looking good. Now, I'll see you blue heron and raise you a pileated woodpecker.

troutbirder said...

Welcome back to cyber space Lynne. Your project is taking on real dimensions and looks great!

Kelly said...

...ohhh....you're so lucky. I see that spotting scope on your deck. What a gorgeous view!!

Mary said...

I can't believe it's a real house now! I was shocked to see siding and roof! I love it. Next spring will be the perfect time to settle in it a bit and decorate! That is if you can get off the balcony long enough...

You been busy, girl. Good to see a Linne post here.


Beth said...

wow - some real progress on the property! How exciting - congratulations! Glad to hear the family is back on the mend. Miss your posts.


Eve said...

This is just so cool Lynne! I love it! And you have the roof I want! I think this is just wonderful for you until you make it a permanent home. Chin up! It'll be done before you know it and you'll be looking back on the "remember when" days!

Deb said...

The place is looking great! Fall colors really faded overnight here with the hard frost, but I hope there are still some left for you. I've been hearing owls every night here!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I can imagine living here.It looks delightful,of course in an area with birds,I would never get any work done.

dAwN said...

How wonderful Lynne...your wonderful piece of heaven on earth! Lookin great!

Linda in Erie said...

That is so spectacular! It looks even better than you had previously described! You sure will enjoy it.

Jayne said...

Wow Lynne, they've made so much progress! How exciting! I can just "hear" the joy in your words as you write about Hasty Brook. :c)

P.S. Glad to hear you escaped the flu!

Richard said...

It's a getting there. I looked at all that 12' drywall and my back started aching. Sure hope you are planning on renting a lift when you go to install.

You need to get the kitchen area all figured out so we know where to put the wiring.

I'm sure you could figure out something for the railing using a car window mount for the scope. All it would take is a piece of 1/4 inch plywood nailed on the side of railing to mount the bracket.

Carolyn H said...

Lynne, the cabin looks great! I hope your sick family is well on the mend by now.

Carolyn H.

Laurie said...

I am in love with your new cabin. What an amazing place and it is going to fit in perfectly. I am so happy for you, Lynne.

jalynn01 said...

So happy for you Lynne. This will be a great place to bird and relax and have fun! I can't wait until you are in and taking pictures. Missed you a bunch.. Hope everyone is on the mend.

ZeldaMom said...

WOW! It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be from you discription. It's gonna be soooo cool. I want to see a picture of you sitting on your balcony, with your feet up, a cup of coffee and a bird book.
I'm jealous, you're gonna have a great time.

Bird Girl said...

Hi Lynne! Nice to have a post from you! Wow - Hasty Brook is beginning to have a personality - I can't wait to see more as it becomes your little piece of heaven on earth! Glad you didn't get the flu and that your family is on the mend...take care my friend from the north ;-)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
I'm glad everyone's on the road to recovery now--hopefully you'll continue to avoid the flu bug this season.
Your place at Hasty looks awesome! I'm glad everything's turning out the way you had envisioned.
I hope you can find some knitting time soon--if not, I'm still doing enough for both of us! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, you sure have a great
looking paradise taking shape up
there at Hasty. So happy for you
and family. I'm glad everyone is
recovering well, and hope you
don't get sick. I enjoyed birding
with you and hope to see you again.
For sure I'll have to come up and
check out Hasty Brook sometime.
Hap in New Hope

NCmountainwoman said...

An address! How wonderful. I am in love with the place and I'm so happy for you and the family.

Glad everyone is on the mend and that you managed to stay healthy enough to take care of them.

Cindy said...

WOW!!!! I am so green with envy!! You won't get warbler neck now!! You can look them in the eye. No more butt shots!!

possumlady said...

What a wonderful loft/garage!! Great deck too! I didn't know you were going to put a little kitchen in too? All the comforts of home, I must say, and with a gorgeous view to boot.

Hope you are still flu-free!! Keep using that Purell...

dguzman said...

WOW. Flock meet-up at Hasty Brook!

Mary C said...

That's a BIG garage, isn't it? Looks great, Lynne. I'm sure you'll enjoy it come spring. Too bad your deck couldn't have been made larger. But I'm sure it's cozy, just the way you'd like it. ;o)

Pablo said...

This is all so very gorgeous. That's more than a cabin!

Are you going to put gravel on that driveway? Even up by the North Pole where you are, I'd imagine that bare dirt would turn to mud sometime.

Tina said...

I was delighted to see the progress on your Hasty Brook "cabin"..how exciting for you and your family...I'm so envious of all that nature that is waiting to greet you in your new kingdom!!! Love your balcony and all those great views!
I'm glad you survived that nasty flu bug..its that tough Mother blood we all carry..when everyone else is ill!! ;-)

Kathiesbirds said...

Lynne, with all you have been through, you have become as strong as an oak but maintained your tender heart. AS such and because I so appriciate your friendship, come see what is waiting for you on my blog.

Shelley said...

Your cabin took shape very quickly! So exciting! I love that balcony you have to scope out the world! It's wonderful to have your own retreat!! Congrats Lynne!!!

Larry said...

Great views and a nice spot for that scope.Metal roofs make me happy.I knowthat i'm in the kind of area I like when I start seeing metal roofs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so much further along than I thought you would be this summer. It is so wonderful to hear of someone living their dream.

It is lovely already. That is a neat looking building, and it settles in so well with the woods.

Q said...

Dear Lynne,
It is so real....wow!
Dreams can come true.
I am so happy for you.

Montanagirl said...

It looks wonderful, Lynne! What a view you have. So happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lynn, I love your cabin! I've enjoyed following your journey at Hasty Brook. Great scoping balcony!

Gunnar Engblom said...

The cabin looks great, Lynne. What a great hide it will be with all that nice nature just in front.

Mel said...

Dearest Lynne,
I can't believe how fast that home at Hasty Brook is building up.
This dream of yours is becoming reality in front of everyone's eyes.
It is amazing!! I'll have to visit your little heaven some time soon!

Cathy said...

Sweet Lynne!

I'd missed all this.

What a wonderful perch.

Lordy! Imagine the years - the happy hours of being - the happy moments of letting nature sift across your senses.


I can't contain the smile:0)