Sunday, January 20, 2008

I've Been Missing (and missing you all)

I haven't had the time or the heart to do any blogging in quite a while. For those of you that don't know about it, just a few days after the first of the year my sister was diagnosed with a very aggressive and invasive type of brain tumor. She had surgery last week to slow its progress but didn't come through it as well as they had hoped she would. She is slowly making progress and we are hoping she will regain her speech and awareness that family is with her. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

This is my weekend of working a stretch of 4 night shifts at the hospital. It's been obscenely cold here in Minnesota, barely making above zero for highs during the day. You might think that these cold temperatures would have kept people home and out of trouble but the emergency room has been very busy the last three nights. One more night shift to go- HURRAY!! I should be sleeping but instead I'm watching the NFC championship game. If the Vikings can't be there I'm more than happy to cheer for Green Bay.

I'm keeping up with your blogs as time permits, taking walks with you, enjoying your birds and back yards, smiling at your stories and photographs. Even if I'm not commenting, know that your posts are making me feel connected to the things that I love too and I thank you for that.