Monday, November 23, 2009

The Eleventh Eagle

Art and I made a day trip up to Hasty Brook on Saturday. Within two miles of our house in the Twin Cities I saw three Bald eagles and five Red-tailed Hawks. It promised to be a good day. By the end of the trip up I'd lost track of the Red-tailed Hawks, there were so many along the highway. This is a picture of the eleventh Bald Eagle. I spotted him on the ground about a half mile south of Hasty. I wonder what brought this enormous eagle down to sit in a pasture. There were several crows circling above but there was also a road-kill dear carcass nearby. As big as they look in the sky, this one looked enormous sitting in the grass. I used the truck as a blind, exiting the passenger side away from the eagle. As I crept around the front of the truck I was able to take many (about 50) photos of the eagle. This was the best. Later in the day as I was walking along the creek side back at Hasty I heard a pair of Ravens croaking above me. As I looked up I saw them harassing my twelfth Bald Eagle of the day. Not bad.
We didn't see any of the Wild Turkeys on Saturday- not even tracks. I wonder if all the deer hunting has them laying low. It was a pretty chilly day but Art ran a propane heater upstairs and with the ceiling insulated it was really quite cozy. The plumber had been out and the shower, toilet, sink/vanity and electric water heater are installed. I can't wait until we can get the electricity hooked up to everything in the spring. (Hear that Richard?) :)
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