Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I had plans to make a day trip today to see the tundra swans in southern Minnesota. Sick kid = equals cancelled plans. Oh well, we're having some pretty heavy thunderstorms right now which makes for a nice day to snuggle up with coffee and a book (and a laptop!). It also gives me a chance to fuss over sick kid a little bit. We all need to be fussed over from time to time. I'm really surprised that I'm not more disappointed about cancelling my plans. It seems the older I get, the more I'm able to take things in stride. Or maybe I'm just too tired to give a rip...

I'm hoping to drive up to Hasty Brook this week end. We haven't been up there since the middle of October when we brought the camper home. I saw several woodpecker species on that visit. There are many dead trees, mostly missing tops that support woodpeckers. There are pileated woodpecker cavities everywhere and I was lucky to see one this day. The birch snag on the right has a flicker cavity that was busy all summer.

Sapsuckers make this characteristic pattern around tree trunks. These trees seemed healthy, but I wonder if the drilling causes any damage. Hairy and downy woodpeckers are common in the woods at Hasty. They seem fearless and often follow me on my walks.
On an earlier post I mentioned that I thought I had found wild hops growing along the creek. Here I found them dried, twined through the branches of a little tree. I need to do some more research- I'm not sure if we have wild hops here.
There are many large tree stumps throughout the woods. I assume they are left from the last time the land was logged. I love this fuzzy one, covered with life, taking it back down into the earth. I looks like a heart to me.

I just heard a weather report. We're on the edge of a cold front and it seems the rain is turning to snow in southeastern Minnesota. I'm glad I'm home with sick kid. The tundra swans can wait. Posted by Picasa


NatureWoman said...

I know that cold front is headed my way, but I'm going to enjoy the rest of the good weather while I can. There's enough of that cozying up time coming up soon. I love your tree photos and the heart shaped moss covered stump.

Susan Gets Native said...

Or maybe I'm just too tired to give a rip...

That made me laugh out loud.
You know, when I became a mother, I realized just how selfish I was. And that changed...when the girls are sick, I can take anything. No matter how lousy they treat me, I can ignore it all. Tundra swans can definitely wait, but I hope you do get over there to see them (and take lots of pics to share with us!).

samtzmom said...

Hope your kiddie is feeing better. Now I know what my mom meant when she'd tell me she wished it were her that was sick instead of me. Seeing them feeling bad brings out all our protective instincts. Love the new photo of your pretty face and of course, all the lovliness of Hasty Brook! Have a great day ahead...

LauraO said...

Hope the sick kid feels better soon. Loved the photos on this post. Beautiful.

Lynne said...

Our temps are topping out in the 20's today but the sun is finally shining and I'll take cold and sunny over anoth day of gray! I like the heart stump too. I'm thinking of printing it and making a valentine for Art with it.


My sick kid was 12 year old John, who is currently very frugal with hugs or any outward forms of affection. BUT-- when he's sick, and there is no one else looking, I get some of my little boy back! Naturally, I don't wish him sick, but I sure enjoyed the time we spent together yesterday.

I understand it too. There is no feeling like the FIERCE protectiveness that a mother has for her child. I took my 88 year old Mom out shopping today and took the opportunity to thank her for caring for me and teaching me how to care for and love my kids. Tears were flowing!

Thanks! They were in a file of pics that I liked. Sometimes it's a challenge to figure out how to put them together in a post!

word verification today-- grkaffy!!
(it's what I say when I sip my latte with a mouth full of donut!!)

Sandy said...

Beautiful photos. Looks a lot like Maine. Sorry you couldn't go on your outing, but you put together a great post!

LauraHinNJ said...

I think that's a great idea for a Valentine, Lynne. What a great find!

I want to get out to see Tundra Swans too - one of these days.

Love your pic - somehow I had imagined just what you look like - only I pictured you with a different hairstyle. Funny how we do that.