Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Turn!

I think I'll jump on the meme bandwagon! My lack of entheusiasm about listing makes me feel like I don't really qualify being called a birder. I've always called myself a birdwatcher. You be the judge.

What state(or country) do you live in? Minnesota.
How long have you been birding? About 10 years.
Are you a lister? Yes , but not very seriously.
ABA life list: Don't keep one.
Overall life list: 41
3 Favorite birding spots: my back yard, Hasty Brook, Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden
Favorite birding spot outside your home country: never birded outside the USA
Farthest you've travelled to chase a rare bird: 70 miles north to see the Great Gray Owls during the irruption year.
Nemesis bird: don't have one
"Best" bird sighting: Great Gray Owl- goose bumps cool!!
Most wanted trip: Cape May sounds cool
Most wanted bird: I would really LOVE to see a Snowy Owl
What model and brand of bins do you use? Vortex Stokes DLS 8X42 and Canon IS 10X30. I love them both.
What model and brand of scope do you use? Nikon something- can't find the model.
What was the last lifer you added to your list? Wilson's warbler
Where did you see your last lifer? Hasty Brook
What's the last bird you saw today? Dark-eyed Junco
Best bird song you've ever heard: Hermit Thrush- I can't believe that sound comes out of a bird!
Favorite birding moment: New Years day, 2006 I mentioned out loud that I wondered what my first bird of the year would be. Seconds later a Pileated woodpecker flew in to my feeder station in the back yard! I had never seen one in the Twin Cities area before or since!
Least favorite thing about birding: bugs!
Favorite thing about birding: Watching how they live. I often get so caught up in how they do their "birdy thing" that I forget about field marks. I love to watch them "be birds".
Favorite field guide for the US: Peterson, but I also love Stan Tekiela's "Birds of Minnesota"
Favorite non-field guide bird book: I have two of them.
"Life List: A Birder's Spiritual Awakening" by Chris Dunford and
"For the Birds: An Uncommon Guide" by Laura Erickson
Who is your birder icon: There are 3 Minnesota birders that come to mind.
Sharon Stiteler aka Birdchick who shares her knowledge with sass.
Laura Erickson aka Birderblog who shares her knowledge with class.
Stan Tekiela who shares his knowledge through terrific "state" field guides with amazing photography.
Do you have bird feeders? Many and all kinds.
Favorite feeder bird: Catbirds but I really love them all.


LauraHinNJ said...

I like to watch them do their *birdy* thing too!

Glad you did this - it's fun to read everyone's answers.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah, I think you qualify as a birder.

I love to watch them do their thing, too. I try hard not to let the LIST run the show.

samtzmom said...

I'm like you Lynne... I get so caught up in just watching that I fail to see enough markings to help me really identify what I am seeing! I also don't have a list, but have kept a new list of birds seen here on Chickadee Lane since we arrived in August. Wish I were better at identification.

NatureWoman said...

From a casual birder, I'd say you're a birder! It's fun to read other people's answers.

Endment said...

Oh - I echo the other comments- I am glad you did this exercise.
I love the Catbirds too.

Lynne said...

It IS fun to read other people's answers!

I am trying harder to do a better job on my list- it's fun but I just forget! (bad birder!)

I keep a list for my backyard and one for Hasty Brook. I wish I was better at id too but when I get too serious about id I get frustrated and then the fun is gone!

It was a fun list of questions to think about. Catbirds aren't very flashy but I'm really crazy about them. The range of their songs amaze and entertain me.