Sunday, November 19, 2006

Medicating a Rabbit

As I mentioned before, our mini-lop rabbit Buddy has an eye infection. We've learned that rabbits are prone to upper respiratory infections and eye problems need to be treated. The vet sent us home with pink antibiotics and a syringe to squirt them into his mouth. In the picture above you can see how yucky his right eye got.
Here we have Molly daintily trying to get the syringe tip into Buddy's mouth. NOT a happy bunny. Buddy does not like to be picked up. EVER.
Where IS Buddy's mouth? Buddy has big cheeks so eventually we found success by peeling his lips up until we could see his big front teeth, then sliding the syringe tip around behind his teeth. At this point he clamps his teeth shut quite firmly. When we give pills to the dog, we shove the pill to the back of her throat, hold her mouth shut and blow in her nose. She swallows every time. We tried puffing at Buddy's nose to get him to swallow. Did you know that rabbits can slam their nostrils shut at will?
Buddy disapproves of pink medicine.


-llm. said...

Oh dear. I have had a horrible time medicating dogs in the past. I hate to think of what is entailed in medicating bunnies. Love the image of a bunny's nose slamming shut. You have my sympathies and wishes for a rapid bunny recovery! Goopy eyes are no fun!

LauraHinNJ said...

That is a great disapproving pic of Buddy!

Try straddling him, with him between your legs - easier than picking him up. If you keep your feet together behind you he won't be able to back up. Works for me with difficult bunnies as there is no escape. He still can clamp his mouth tight, though!

You can also use saline solution on a cottonball to clean his eye. I have to do that twice a day with Miss Buns because her right eye is always wet.

Buddy is a biig boy! Hope he's better soon.

Rainbow dreams said...

Buddy is beautiful - hope he gets well again soon

samtzmom said...

Poor poor Buddy! What a conundrum to get a bunny to take medicine. It's hard enough to get it into kids... I can't imagine. Hope he's feeling better soon and that the kiddies are all better too. :c)

Lynne said...

Thanks every body- Buddy's eye looks much better and I think we have only 2-3 doses of antibiotics left.

Laura- I tried your method. You meant kneeling right? I tipped over and hit my forehead on the floor, Buddy ran away and I laughed until I nearly peed my pants! Sooo happy there was no one home to see me...

LauraHinNJ said...

Woops! I pretty much sit on the bunny and bend forward from the waist (no tipping!)

Glad you've only got a few doses left - wouldn't want you to hurt yourself trying out any more of my brilliant ideas. Sorry!

Susan Gets Native said...


Right on, Buddy! The pink stuff sucks!
I had to take it almost continuously when I was younger for tonsillitis.
I'm glad his eye is clearing up.
You people and your bunnies!