Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Mary has a post about summer songs and "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer" by Nat King Cole is an old summer song that came to mind for me. Nat King Cole, the Mills Brothers and the Harmonicats were huge favorites of my Mom and Dad and having those songs run through my mind bring back such wonderful memories. I think that's why I REALLY enjoy Larry's Songbird Lyrics Game at The Brownstone Birder. If you like music at all stop over there and have a go at the game.

There hasn't been anything lazy about my summer so far. We have been BUSY! Here's one project that Art and I got done. My new new two tiered ponds! I had a single preformed pond in this raised bed for several years but it sprung a leak and I couldn't repair it any more. I found this two pond kit complete with fountain and pump for $98. It's not huge (135 gallons) but fits our yard. Birds love it and the water sound helps drown out traffic sound from the nearby highway. Two weeks ago we went to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to see my brother-in-law race his hot rodded '67 Chevelle. He built the engine himself and it is fast! Here he is pictured above flying down the quarter mile track. There were also junior dragsters (all driven by girls) and snowmobiles outfitted with wheels that raced. It was hot and loud but we all had a good time.

I think I mentioned before that we have a visitor from Germany staying with us. Aranka lived with us 9 years ago as an exchange student and attended Cooper High School as a senior. It was an amazing year for us all, full of fun, challenge and growth. John was in pre-school and Molly was in kindergarten. Aranka was here for Molly's first day of kindergarten and happily was here for her graduation from eighth grade. Here are my two girls- Molly and her German sister Aranka.

My kids have attended a small Catholic K-8 school connected to the church we attend. We've been very happy with the environment and education they've received there. Molly is off to public high school in the fall and is very ready for the change. John has one more year at parochial school. The graduation ceremony was in the church. When I saw the picture of John and Molly above I nearly wept. How can time speed past so quickly? When they were babies (they are only 14 months apart) life seemed so intensely busy and I remember thinking that when they got just a bit older I'd be able to catch up. Well, I've never really gotten caught up and wish I hadn't wasted time and energy worrying about it. Why do we do that? Why is so hard to live in the moment and fully appreciate now? I do think that mindset is slowing down the older I get. My kids can't wait to move foreward as fast as they can, I try to see each day as an event and my 89 year old Mom thinks always of her past. I guess that's how we're made.
Molly plays in a girl's softball league and they had their mid-season tournament last weekend. Here she is with her Oma and Opa (Art's parents). Saturday was their 50th wedding anniversary. They married in Germany. Opa was in the Army when he met Oma. They married and left Germany to come back here to the family farm. A year later they moved out on their own, Opa completed a teaching degree and they went on to raise five children. They are both enjoying retirement and we were happy to have them join us for an afternoon of softball. Saturday was also Art's birthday (49!) and our 17th wedding anniversary!

After three games spaced throughout the day Art and I went out to a dinner of steak, shrimp and crab legs. YUM!! They were my first crab legs- tasty, but alot of mess, but the coconut shrimp- pure heaven.
BTW- Molly's team placed third out of 26 teams.
Way to go Molly!!


Mary Carlson said...

Hi Lynne - you had a busy weekend - or at least a lot of celebrating to do. Congratulations on your 17th anniversary, and your inlaws' 50th, and Art's birthday, and to Molly with her softball. And then Sunday was Fathers' Day and you probably did something for that, too. Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer - maybe that's for the week before kids return to school. :)

Lynne said...

Hi Mary- Thanks for all the congrats! It was a big spending weekend at the Hallmark store for us! I'm hoping things will slow down to a more relaxing pace around here soon!

Susan Gets Native said...

Busy, busy, busy you!
I like the pond! Where did you get a kit for only $98???
Congrats to everyone!

Lynne said...

Susan- the pond kit was at Sam's Club. A pretty good deal for sure!

Jayne said...

Ok, so now I have some major pond envy! I LOVE what you all did Lynne! And love the St. Francis statue too. OH, I want one, I want one...

What a lovely young lady Molly is. My sister and I are only 15 months apart, so I can tell that they are close, not only in age. They do grow up so fast, don't they?

A belated Happy Anniversary! We've been married 17 years as well. :c)

Mary said...

Lynne! My goodness, what more can you do and celebrate? Congratulations to everyone, especially on your anniversary. With the kids being home there's obviously never a dull moment. Enjoy their time - before we know it, school will be back in session!

I would LOVE to have tiered pond! It's beautiful, Lynne. You and Art did a great job and I like they way it's decorated. When you have time, take your camera out there and show us some pond life :o)

Body Soul Spirit said...

Looks like your life is full of good things right now! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing with your readers. Your children are lovely.

Lynne said...

Jayne- 17 for you too? 1990 was a good year!

Mary- We had to tear out most of that flower bed to put the new ponds in so even with new plantings it looks kind of naked. I'll get pictures soon.

Ruth- Thanks you, it is busy but all fun things so I have to be careful not to complain!

mon@rch said...

Summer is wonderful! And how wonderful that your exchange student returned! Congrats Molly on everything!

Lynne said...

Mon@rch- It's so neat to get to know Aranka as a young adult. We are enjoying discussing the ups and downs of her experience here as an exchange student.

NatureWoman said...

I love your pond and garden Lynne! I love the hot car! Your children are handsome and beautiful, as it Aranka! It's nice to meet Art's parents (and how lucky he is to have both of them, huh?) Happy anniversary to them, and to you and Art! Congrats to Molly and her team on placing third!

Larry said...

Happy Anniversary!-Nice little journal you put out there Lynne-thanks-seems like you have a great family.-I love a bargain-(pond kit)-I like old cars-and I'm having King Crab Legs for dinner.

RuthieJ said...

Wow, Lynne, I'm exhausted after reading your post. No wonder you had to take a little break from blogging.

I love your pond and its surrounding garden.

Congrats to Molly on graduation. You have got some good lookin' kids there!

Thanks for sharing all these events with us.

nina said...

Hey, my girls have an Opa and Oma, too!
And a familiar story--war brought them here, after a life there.
Nice to still have that connection for your kids.

LauraO said...

No moss growing on you, is there! This was a neat post and I enjoyed reading your adventures. Love the ponds!

Lynne said...

Pam- Yes, indeed, Art is lucky to have boh his parents.

Larry- the pond kit was a great bargain. Hope you enjoyed your "legs".

Ruthie- thanks for the compliments and while we have been busy, fortunately ist's all been fun stuff!

Nina- It's nice to have separae names for the sets of grandparents. Oma and Opa are wonderful people.

LauraO- Speaking of moss, I ust read an article about growing container moss gardens! I think that might be my project for next year!

Cathy said...

So many celebratory milestones! And such a lovely time of year to celebrate. Your children are beautiful and I share the sense that time just slipped away while I had my back turned. It is all so precious.

Oh! The pool is COOL!

Sandy said...

Love the pond! I am sure you will enjoy that all summer.
Happy Anniversary to you, too. Great looking kids, and that includes your guest kid.

Life is good good, huh?

Trixie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And congratulations on the graduation.

Lovely pond, too.

LostRoses said...

Pond envy here too, Lynne! Yes, show us some close-ups. I really like the design.

You have been one busy lady. Congratulations on all your news - now, go take a nap!

KGMom said...

I am weighing in a bit late--but, cool looking pond. I keep saying to my husband--we should have a pond. He gives me the eye--we have a pool, so that's plenty.