Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Peregrine Banding! Part Deux

The peregrine chicks were carried from the nest to the roof of the parking ramp in this cool soft-sided box, cushioned and well ventilated. Each chick was in it's own separate compartment. Before the chicks arrived the parents were making a HUGE racket, obviously angry and distressed that something was messing with their babies. The noise level went way up when the babies arrived. The babies were screaming and the parents were calling back.
Bud Tordoff did all of the handling. He's a tall, soft-spoken and humble man who I'm told was instrumental in the establishment of the Midwest Peregrine Society and it's success in reintroducing peregrine falcons into the wild. According to the Midwest Peregrine Society "In 2006, there were 210 pairs of peregrines on territories in Midwest, 153 pairs succeeded in fledging 435 young. Productivity of young in the Midwest matches healthy populations elsewhere in the world. Life is good for Midwestern peregrines." Hooray Bud! Proud to meet you!

The talons and beaks on those fluffy balls drew blood.

" What?!?!"
Not a great picture, but here you can see the window washing bucket used to move the chicks in and out of the nest. That's Mom.
I love this picture of Hellziggy. I think the expression on her face tells the story of this amazing experience. I met Hellziggy (aka the other Sharon) last February on a birding trip I took with Birdchick to northern Minnesota. Hellziggy takes beautiful photographs. Check out her link as her pix of the peregrines in flight will amaze you.

Birdchick has an uber-cool post about this banding complete with video and tons of neat pictures including one of two local bloggers geeking out over the whole experience!


Body Soul Spirit said...

I really enjoyed these two posts! I have only seen one Peregrine at a raptor rehab. Even with a broken wing, he had that gleam in his eye that I see in the chicks. Nice that people do care enough to help these birds make a comeback.

Susan Gets Native said...

Ack!!!!!! So cool!
When I first saw the pics of the two little figures on Sharon's post, I thought, "I wonder if Lynne was there?" And so you were.
You lucky dog.

: )
Seriously, though...banding is so important. There are folks who oppose it, but they don't really see the value in it.
When I think of banding, I think of our Lucy. We know so much about her that we wouldn't know without that band.

I am GOING TO see some banding this year. I will.

HellZiggy said...

You accomplished a rare thing: a picture of me that I don't hate! :)
Of course, if I'd know you were going to do that, you sneak, I would have snapped a picture of you too!
~other Sharon

Jayne said...

I read Birdchick's post yesterday after seeing yours and today you add more... I am seriously GREEN now! :c) So glad you all got to witness something so uber cool!

KGMom said...

Oh goody--peregrines! I am obsessed with them & have posted about my sightings a couple of times. We have a peregrine pair in Harrisburg, PA (where I live) with a webcam. One year, I spent all my time watching the webcam!
And the adult peregrines regularly visit my neighborhood. I have seen them numerous times in flight, and sometimes perching on tree branches. They are such cool birds!

Lynne said...

Ruth- As cute ans fluffy as those chicks were, just a glance in their eyes shows glowing fierceness.

Susan- First just let me say.....
Nanny nanny boo-boo!!!
The info on the Midwest Peregrine Society web page is just amazing. They have banded 85% of the chicks in the program each year. You can look up all of the info on each nesting site. Too cool. A ton of work.

Hellziggy- Remember me asking you about posting pix of people....
I really do love the expression on your face (plus your hair looked nice!)

Jayne- It WAS uber cool! Did you see me? I am the speck on the right! Actually when Hellziggy and I saw that Birdchick had posted that picture we were a bit sniffy that she didn't let us sneak up there with her!

kgmom- Thanks for visiting here! I read your posts about peregrines and I can feel your passion about them. Actually I just spent the better part of an hour reading back through your posts and I'm hooked!

MojoMan said...

Thanks for sharing this little ray of hope.

Mary said...

I SAW YOU LYNNE! This is SUPER. Thanks for that super link to Sharon, too.

I don't think I've seen a peregrine since the mid-seventies when one nested outside the window of our office high-rise.

Very cool.

Lynne said...

Mojoman- The story of the reintroduction on the Midwest Peregrine Society's web page is inspiring. The volunteer hours involved over the years is simply mind-boggling.

Mary- My picture in the Birdchick's blog- I've really made the big time!! (I'm the speck on the right!) Wouldn't it be too cool to have those birds nest right outside your office window?

Cathy said...

This is awesome! Lucky Ducky! Weren't you just a little nervous that those parents would come streaking out of the blue to try to rescue their young'uns? These birds are such incredible hunting machines. Wow.

mon@rch said...

This is such an amazing things to see! Just look at the cute little faces! I also love their white fluffy down coats!

LauraO said...

What a great experience. Thanks for sharing such neat photos, too. It's amazing how those homely chicks develop into such gorgeous birds.

NatureWoman said...

It must have been wonderful to meet Bud Tordoff and to watch him in action. Your photos are wonderful Lynne! What a great experience!

Larry said...

Great Pictures-That must have been a lot of fun to watch!-It's amazing how different chicks look from the adults.

LauraHinNJ said...

Neat! I'd love to see something like this.

Deb said...

Those peregrine chicks would probably have my woodcock brood for breakfast. ;)