Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Peregrine Banding

I'm exhausted but I just have to crank out a post about my afternoon. Yesterday Hellziggy left a comment on my blog telling me that the Raptor Center would be banding the peregrine falcon chicks at the Colonnade Building in Golden Valley. I wrote a post back in March about the pair of peregrines that nest there. Check out the hair and the expression on the guy in the background! I found Hellziggy and Birdchick in the crowd and then they brought the chicks down.
There were two males and two females. Just look at that face!They were 21 days old and looked to be about the size of small chickens.This one shows the two bands that were attached to each one.
A blood sample and measurements were taken on each chick. The long gray feather on this chick is actually just stuck there from some mystery bird that the parents brought to the nest to feed these chicks.
It's been a really long day today and I don't think I can put another sentence together. (I'm thankful for spellcheck!)
More about this amazing experience tomorrow!


BirdingMom said...

AMAZING! I wish I could have been there!

Mary Carlson said...

Hi Lynne - and all too soon they will be fledging. The 3 chicks born to "Jose" and "Clara" who nested on top of San Jose's (Calif) city hall were banded on May 18th, and now it looks like some time this week they will fledge. It's so exciting to watch as they grow and mature - all too quickly. :)

Jayne said...

Oh. How. Cool. I can't imagine being able to see this!!

RuthieJ said...

When I worked at Mayo they used to have a nice program in the auditorium when they banded the baby peregrines (always a packed house for that). Those babies made a lot of noise while being handled. I'm curious - it appears the banding you attended was outdoors - were the parent peregrines nearby? Were they upset by people messin' with their babies?

nina said...

Just look at that face, is RIGHT!
Last year we watched a hawk nest and raise a family in the top of a tree amidst a developing "development"--earth movers next door to her.
The babies looked "so cute and fuzzy" from the street.
Pick up the binoculars--fearsome faces!!

Deb said...

Cool! What cute looking fuzzballs!

Lynne said...

Birdingmom- It was a "pinch myself" moment for me!

Mary Carlson- I am really stunned at the rate of growth and development. I plan to visit the Colonnade building several more times this summer to watch.

Jayne- I was geeked out!

Ruthie- The banding was on the roof of the adjacent parking ramp and boy-o-boy were the parents loud and mad! (as were the chicks!)

Nina- Fierce is right! I really wouldn't want to be their prey!

Deb- Pretty big fuzz-balls! Their beaks and talons looked awefully sharp.

HellZiggy said...

It was so cool yesterday!
And it was great to get to see ya. We'll have to figure out some time to go birding after I'm back from Vegas.
How was the graduation?
~other Sharon

NatureWoman said...

OMG - how so very amazingly cool is this!!! Thanks for sharing - what awesome photos you captured! Can't wait to read more Lynne!

mon@rch said...

Now this is something that I have never been able to do! VERY Cool and a wonderful experience for you to see!

Lynne said...

Hellziggy- Shoot me an email when you get back. I'll give you my phone # so we can set something up. Again, a BIG thank you for letting me know about the banding!


Mon@rch- REALLY? I can't believe I've seen something that you haven't! After all, you ARE my "Nature Guru"!!

Mary said...


I don't have to hear them - their faces say it all! What a wonderful thing to experience in person. Thanks for bringing it to us with those superb photos!

Lynne said...

Mary- I think seeing the fierce faces of those chick was the coolest part of all.