Monday, February 25, 2008

Assisted Living at Hasty Brook

Hasty Brook Assisted Living Community

Happy Living for Retired Bird Bloggers

Are you looking for a retirement community away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

Do you long to spend your golden years surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature?

Experience Hasty Brook Assisted Living Community- a wonderful choice for seniors who wish to maintain an independent lifestyle with the security of supportive services. Hasty Brook presents a new option for seniors who want to live in a lively community of like minded birders. Pets are welcome!

Affordable rent at Hasty Brook includes:

spacious suites with lovely views of the creek, the woods and multiple bird feeding stations,

a Bose in every suite,

delicious homemade meals,

concierge van service with semi-weekly guided bird field trips,

fitness classes,

A library including every field guide immaginable,

a full activities program,

beauty and barber services,

regular visits from optics reps who will clean and tune binoculars and spotting scopes at no charge,

weekly housekeeping

and MUCH more!


Every resident of Hasty Brook will be encourage to bring his or her special talents to the community. Join us in the community room for daily activities


Learn to knit lap blankets with Ruthie the Nature Knitter.

Create beaded eyeglass neck thingies with Susan Gets Native (bifocals mandatory).

Learn the art of wheel-thrown pottery with Katdoc who will lead residents in making cereal bowls for morning Cream of Wheat (dentures optional).
Susan from Lake Life will teach meal worm husbandry to keep our birds fat and happy.

Enjoy poetry readings with Laura from Somewhere in NJ.

Julie Zickefoose and Mary's View will share hilarious stories of life with Bostons.
Deb from Sand Creek Almanac will offer her musical talents playing mandolin, guitar, banjo and flute.

Join Art (my DH) in the fully equipt workshop where he'll be building bird houses, telescopes, weather vanes and more.

Share YOUR talent here__________.


Call for more information, or better yet, stop and visit. Walk our groomed trails- all wheelchair accessible. Have a complimentary lunch and relax in our gazebo- there's plenty of room to park your walker!
This silly post was inspired by Mary from Mary's View and her desire to live away from the ever continuing development of bird and wildlife habitats.
What special talents would YOU bring to the community?


Ivars said...

Where can I sign up?

Anonymous said...

I'll - uh - teach recreation classes. Yea, that's the ticket! I write pretty good poetry too. . . could I be the poet laureate of Hasty Brook? :)

Anonymous said...

I'll document life in the community with my mad photo skillz. :)

~other Sharon

Jayne said...

Sounds like a heavenly place to be for eternity.

MojoMan said...

You joke, but the co-housing movement is alive and growing. Like-minded people get together to create a friendly, supportive community. See

I think it's a wonderful idea.

RuthieJ said...

LOL, Lynne, you're a genius! Sounds like my kinda place. Can I bring my mom too?

nina said...

Cast your walkers aside, ladies (and gents)--we need some stretching exercises..then we'll take that stroll I've waited my lifetime for.
The one that isn't sandwiched between coffee and drive to work.
We can go ALL DAY!
(orthopedic shoes, optional)

Ruth said...

I'll book my room now, thanks. And my physical therapy clinic in site will offer drug-free relief of all your aches and pains. Ha ha!!

Julie Zickefoose said...

May I bring my also-geriatric macaw, Charlie?

Mojo Man is all stoked cuz he'll be the only GUY.

Linda in Erie said...

That sounds wonderful. That sounds like a commune for old birders, ha. I'd love to even vacation in a place like that. I can picture myself knitting out on the front porch while watching the bluebirds flutter around the feeders. Even the thought lowers my blood pressure.

Lynne said...

Ivars- Your suite is waiting! My husband Art doen't want to be the only man with a bunch of "old bird ladies"

Liza- Poet laureate? We need one. That's the ticket!

Hellziggy- We'll welcome your mad foto skillz!

Jayne- I hadn't thought of a cemetery...

Mojoman- It started as a spoof, but really, it sounds really great to me.

Ruthie- Heck yeah, bring Betty too!

Nina- You can lead all the nature walks!

Ruth- I was hoping you'd be in charge of the physical therapy!

Julie- Of course bring Charlie and bring Bill along too- we need more men (to fill the feeders!)

Linda- There's a rocker waiting for you!

John Mikes said...

I can back a 42-foot trailer into the driveway without running over the mailbox. Yeah, I know it's not much, but it's all I have.

Lynne said...

Mike- We'll need your backing-up skills to get the bus down the long driveway to pick up the birder residents. (PC term for seniors)

Mary said...

Leaning over the railing, gazing into the woods, I asked, "Did anybody fill the fistle theeders? Oh, crap! Somebody! Catch my teeth!"

Wouldn't it be a dream come true?

Trixie said...

Sign me up! I'll help with the knitting (i'm not as fast as Ruthie). I can cook really yummy meals, provided I don't have to be the all-the-time cook.

Cathy said...

Hmmm. Blogger doesn't seem to want to take me reservation. Here it goes again. . . .

Sign me up!

I'm pretty good at ID-ing warbler and woodpecker songs and sounds. Of course at 86 that might not apply anymore since my hearing will be shot.

Oh heck. Well, please sign me up for Laura's poetry readings.

Carolyn H said...

Let's see:

I could lead a few nature hikes and map the woods. Can I bring Dog and Baby Dog??

Carolyn H.

Lynne said...

Mary- LOL! We'll install netting around the railings to catch falling "parts"!

Trixie- The kitchen is always open for residents to share their cooking masterpieces.

Cathy- Everyone will be wearing hearing aids anyway! We'll try to find you one of those big ear horns.

Carolyn- Do you use a GPS to map the woods? Of course you can bring Dog and Baby Dog! Pets are more than welcome.

Kathiesbirds said...

I can teach painting, sculpture, and bread baking. Also, I can help everyone get well with Homeopathy. Rhus tox. and Bryonia work really well on arthritic joints, but Nux Vomica is what you need when you overdo anything, inclucing hiking or drinking! As long as there are birds and friends, you can count me in! (Oh, but do you have snow up there? Maybe not...(smile!))

NatureWoman said...

Ahhh, sounds like a nice spot to vacation twice a year, six months at a time!

mon@rch said...

Look out . . . now all of us snow birds are heading to Hasty Brook! LOL

Larry said...

That sounds like an ideal retirement spot to me! There might actually be a viable idea somewhere in there.I'll be in charge of brewing the shade-grown coffee.-Clever idea.

Susan Gets Native said...

You ***ing slay me.

Besides the beading classes....hmmmm...
I can do a "Rant Until You Get What You Want" class.
(Cane swinging optional)

Mary C said...

Where can I sign up? Count me in, and I can be the "librarian" for the library of all the birding books.

LauraHinNJ said...

Lynne has finally gone off the deep end. First she's throwing open the windows when it's 24 degrees out (as if that's warm!) - and now this!

I loved this Lynne... and would love to spend my golden years tottering around with the rest of you nutty bird people.

The brochure didn't mention if there's free wi-fi?

Carolyn H said...


No GPS for me. I use topos, blow them up as big as I can on a copier and then draw in whatever I want, which includes deer trails, interesting plants, rocks or whatever.

Carolyn H.

Lynne said...

Kathiesbirds- You can be our hands on art director! Ooh, and home made bread too? We have lots to learn about Homeopathy. Think of the money we'll save on geriatric prescriptions!

Pam- I like the idea that retirement sounds like a vacation.

Tom- Come on to Hasty Brook!

Larry- Check out Mojoman's link. It's really not an outrageous idea. I like my coffee strong.

Susan- I like the rant class idea. Check out the exercise class (restrictive clothing optional) That'll get the old hearts a-pumping!!!

Mary C- You were the first person I thought of for the library. I was hoping you'd join up and run it.

Laura- 24 degrees is BALMY after weeks of sub-zero highs! Yes, there is free wi-fi. And laptops with really BIG keys.

Carolyn- Art has been talking about buying a GPS with topos software intalled. Any opinions?

Anonymous said...

My old blog was shut down, so here is my new one:

KGMom said...

Let's see--I can read and write poetry. I can teach lit courses. I can lead group singing--folk songs, hymns, choral works--whatever.
Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Lynne, this place sounds so lovely it's almost to good to be true, sign me up. Hasty Brook sounds like heaven on earth.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

Deb said...

Awww... I'm happy to have been listed among the "talents" that would add to the quality of life of this place. :)

And, seriously, I think it would be much more stimulating than bingo night or whatever they have at the senior centers around here.

dguzman said...

I'm so there. I can teach woodworking, literary analysis, composition, and Harry Potter.

Susan said...

I don't know about the mealworm husbandry class- might just be more excitement than we "old people" can handle! I'll sign up for Delia's Harry Potter class.

Q said...

Please add my name to the list!
I can help with the herb garden and call in the butterflies.
Very fun! Getting old is looking to be a very fun time.
Thanks so much fot this post.