Monday, February 11, 2008

Wild Thing!

I've always felt it was a thrill and an honor to make eye contact with a wild thing.
She stared at me so long this afternoon,
made me glad I wasn't snack-sized!
Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything
One of my favorite songs ever!
by the Troggs


Trixie said...

Yup, she looked like she was sizing you up! She is a gorgeous one.

Mary said...

One of my favorite songs, too :o)

A hawk stare is special, isn't it?

Jayne said...

Oh, oh, oh... I am so jealous! Love her, that Wild Thang!

NatureWoman said...

One of my favorite songs, too! When I saw your title the song started playing in my mind! Glad you aren't snack sized!!

MojoMan said...

Hey, you're not old enough to remember that song! You young people need to get your own music.

barefoot gardener said...

Award for you at my place, wanna come pick it up?

RuthieJ said...

Dang, Lynne, that's so cool! I'm so glad you had your camera handy to capture this wild stare-down.

Deb said...

Beautiful. You are so lucky to capture that look in a photo!

KGMom said...

So who blinked first? Some stare on that bird!

Laurie said...

I love her and love that song. What a cute post!


Susan Gets Native said...

Gotta love the Hawk Stare. Scarlet stares at me like she would give anything to sink her talons into my throat.

Larry said...

That Hawk was trying to send you a message of some sort.-I should take this photo over to the lab to have it analyzed.-seriously though-very cool!