Monday, August 03, 2009

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp Meets Birds and Beers!

All right Minnesota birders- it's time to get together for a fun day of birding and socializing, laughing, learning and maybe a beer or two.
Saturday, August 15, 2009
is the day. We're meeting at 0800 at Carver Park Reserve for bird banding with Roger Everhart, host of the blog Minnesota Birdnerd. Roger is a terrific birder and experienced bander. It's certain to be a fun and informative morning.
Here's a bit of information about Carver Park quoted from their website:
"This is a 3300 Acre Park Reserve, located west of Chanhassen. Carver Park Reserve supports a large wildlife population of trumpeter swans, osprey, mink, white-tailed deer, barred owls and numerous waterfowl and songbirds. The park reserve is home to the Lowry Nature Center, the first public environmental education center of its kind in the state.
Park visitors of all ages are delighted to discover the park's rolling wooded terrain and interconnected lakes and marshes. The park features miles (8.5 miles of paved trails, 12.2 miles of turf trails and six miles of horse trails) of trails that wind around the nature center, historic Grimm Farm and the King Waterbird Sanctuary. The trails also provide a valuable link to the Southwest Regional LRT Trail. Boaters and anglers can explore four lakes within the park reserve, and campers can enjoy a relaxing stay at the quite Lake Auburn Campground. The park continues to thrive in winter for cold-weather enthusiasts who treasure mornings and afternoons spent on miles of groomed cross-country ski trails that begin at the Springview trailhead. More than 1,700 feet of boardwalk takes you through marsh and tamarack swamps."
Bird banding runs from 0800 until noon. We're free to watch and/or explore the park to see what birds are to be seen.
There's a great place for lunch in nearby Victoria called Victoria House.
The plan for the afternoon is to head over to Bloomington and the Hyland Lake Park Reserve. Hyland Lake Park is home to the Richardson Nature Center. A quote from their website:
"Richardson Nature Center is the largest of Three Rivers’ nature centers. Come inside and enjoy an interactive wall-to-wall clay sculpture, view live animals and raptors, or relax in a rocking chair while watching birds from the wildlife viewing room. Outside, take in the abundant wildlife of the ponds, prairies, and forested areas found along the nature center’s 2.5 miles of trails. Or grab a spot on the dock and simply enjoy some peace and quiet."
We'll finish up the day with Birds and Beers at Merlin's Rest on Lake Street in Minneapolis at 6PM.
SO- come on! Join the fun!
Tell your friends. Bring your friends! You don't have to be a blogger, Twitterer or Chirptracker or Facebooker. Anyone interested in birding and meeting other birders to share all or just part of the day is welcome.
Here are a few of the people we're expecting:
Ruthie Johnson the Nature Knitter
Roger Everhart from Minnesota Birdnerd
Hap in New Hope is my birding mentor- he's an absolutely amazing birder
Virginia from Bees in the City
Dawn and Jeff from Dawn's Bloggy Blog
Sharon aka HellZiggy
Everyone is welcome.


RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
Thanks for the info. Can't wait to see you (and the others) there!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, we are still coming. :-)

KGMom said...

Have a chirpy good time.

LauraHinNJ said...



Dawn Fine said...

Cant wait to meet you and the rest of the Gang..some blogs I already read and a few new bloggers to put on my list!
Thanks Lynne for all your hard work arranging this!
Muchly appreciated!
I just tweeted this out and will keep RT..
I also will do a short blog post myself..
Referring to this post!
Thanks again Lynne..u rock!

Jayne said...

Waaaaahhh.... I want to live closer. :c(

RuthieJ said...

I would be mroe than happy to swing by MSP International and pick up any fly-in participants on my way to Carver Park Reserve Saturday morning!! I believe there are good connections from Atlanta and New Jersey ;-)

Beth said...

*sigh* It sucks living so far away...


possumlady said...


I'll be in Minnesota then, but Saturday my sisters and I will be driving back from Grand Marais!!

What a BUMMER!

Tina said...

Do hope you all have a great time and great weather!! Snap some of those wonderful close ups you usually get..!!

DaveABirding said...

Too bad, I grew up in MN and will be back to visit this weekend not next. Someday I will coordinate a meeting with the many people who have virtually taught me about birds through the places I knew as a kid.
Hope you all have a blast.

Janice K said...

Hope you have a wonderful time and will be looking forward to hearing all about it.

Barbie ♥ said...

Sounds like a whole lotta FUN!!!

TR Ryan said...

I want to come!!!

dguzman said...

Waaah! I move across the country, and still I'm too far away. But I'm thinking Potholes and Prairies next year! Pencil it in, baby!

HellZiggy said...

I double checked my calendar and I won't be able to do the Birds & Beer part. I should be there for banding though (if I can get my lazy butt out of bed that early on a Saturday!) and Hyland Park Reserve.

See ya then!

~other Sharon

Mary said...

That's tomorrow! I wish I could be there...