Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday, Valentine's Day was my Mom's 89th birthday. We had a little party for her in the game room of her senior building. My sister and two of my three brothers were there, along with a room full of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and various spouses. Mom had a wonderful time. Everyone made her feel so special.
Mom got lots of cards and gifts. One of her favorites was this crystal cross from my brother Charlie. Charlie gave her one just like it for Christmas the year after my Dad died. Mom loved it and kept the rosary from Dad's funeral draped across the arms of the cross. That cross accidentally fell off the table and broke and try as I did I could not get the pieces back together. Now she has a new one and she's thrilled. She called this morning to tell me that she'd all ready called the priest in her building to have the cross blessed. It will be three years in March since my Dad passed away and we all miss him.
Here's my Mom with about a third of all of her grandkids, and great-grandkids. If not for my Mom and Dad and God's blessings, none of my siblings and I nor any of these beautiful kids from the next generations would BE.
Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you.


Mary said...

Lynne, may she have many more! She looks pretty good for 89. I'm sure she feels quite fortunate to have all of you as you feel fortunate to have her!

Lynne said...

Thanks! At the end of the evening Mom looked around the room and said that the gifts and cards were nice but what she loved most of all were the faces.

NatureWoman said...

Wow - Happy Birthday to your Mom Lynne! It's so nice so many of you were able to visit her on her special day.
It always amazes me when I'm at a family reunion like this to think about the fact that if not for my grandparents, or Mom and Dad, the room would be empty. Amazing!
Thanks for sharing her special day with us.

Lynne said...

Pam- Thanks! It really is amazing to think about the results of two people loving each other.

LauraHinNJ said...

I hope it was happy for her. It must be something to look out at so many faces and lives that are a part of you, don't you think?

BTW - loved your mossy heart for your sweetie.

Susan Gets Native said...

Happy birthday, Lynne's Mom!

It's cool to think that two people who love each other can create so many people.
And looking around at all those loving faces must have made feel so good!

michael ringwood said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. My grand ma's birthday was on the same date. She is such a darling just like your mom.
Wish her loads of happiness.
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Jayne said...

Happy Birthday to Lynne's mom! What a wonderful family shot and an even more wonderful celebration of the woman who started it all.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Happy Birthday to your Mom. Isn't she cute? Treasure every minute with her. She is right, the faces always are more important than the gifts. Jackie (N.J.)

Lynne said...

Thanks everybody! I do love my Mom- she's the best.

Liza Lee Miller said...

What a beautiful way to honor your mother! She is beautiful and seems really loved! Hurray!