Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things You Don't Know About Me

Every body's doing it. Here goes!

1. I love rocks. I love their shapes, colors and textures. I especially like smooth rocks. There are two big 10+ pound rocks in the trunk of my car right now that I stopped and picked up on the side of the road to take home. I'd like to use the big ones some day to build a rock wall in the back yard, but for now I have piles of rocks. Lots of rocks.

2. I can't sleep with the pillowcase opening near my face. It has to be behind me. Along this same line, I can't let the blanket touch my face. I wonder if there is some deep psychological meaning behind this.

3. I might have mentioned this before, but I am petrified of stairs that you can see through.

4. I have always been crazy about microscopes. This led me to a career as a Medical Technologist working in hospital laboratories. This must explain my love for my binoculars. To see things clearly that can't be seen with the naked eye is just magical.

5. I also as a girl thought seriously about becoming a nun. Now I feel strongly that my vocation is to be a good wife and mother.

6. I love music (and my Bose!) and though it's not always appreciated, I nearly always sing along. I can't help it.

7. I hate bananas but love banana bread.

8. I believe that people who snap their gum should be exiled far, far away on an empty planet. Without gum.

9. My brush with celebrity: During high school, while working at Woolworth's, I sold a bag of circus peanuts to Marlo Thomas.

10. Growing up the youngerst of five, I'm the only one in our house (including Mom and Dad) who never smoked. I am also the only member of my generation, of both my Mom's and my Dad's sides of the family to graduate college.

A memory of last spring: lilacs in bloom and my first rose-breasted grosbeak in the yard.


Mary said...

So, we both wanted to be nuns. And I can't stand gum-snappers, either! There is something about open staircases that scares me, too, as I have a fear of heights!

Rocks are nice but I don't collect them :) You should be proud to graduate college (I didn't).

It's great to know more about you, Lynne! Thanks for sharing the things that make you cringe or shine! I said this before - I can't wait to meet you.

Body Soul Spirit said...

I love the grosbeak picture. So many birds I have not seen. A Med Tech..You must be very good at science. I just figured you did bedside nursing because you work nights.
Sleeping habits are developed at a young age.(I have a few quirky ones too.)

NatureWoman said...

I love your rose-breasted grosbeak photo Lynne! Spring is coming - yay!
I love learning more about you, too! I love rocks, too. I can't wait to see the red rocks in Sedona, AZ. And I love fossils in rocks.

Jayne said...

So nice to get to "know" you better Lynne! Love the photo of the grosbeak and have never, ever had one here.

pablo said...

1. Me too. Especially round ones (
2. Me too. What about that? I can tolerate the sheet on my face though.
3. Doesn't bother me, but my dog has issues with this.
4. Can't say I share this.
5. Never thought of becoming a nun.
6. Once upon a time. Not so much any more.
7. I love bananas.
8. I can get on board with this.
9. I'm surprised at the number of celebrities I have seen in airports.
10. Never smoked (occasional cigar doesn't count). Everyone in our family of 10 is a college graduate. My parents wouldn't let us think of any other options.

Liza Lee Miller said...


You're weeeeeeird! :) Okay, just kidding -- thanks for sharing and I think this is what I'll do on Uninspired Thursday! :)

Lynne said...

Mary- You're the only other person I know that wanted to be a nun too!

Ruth- I love science! I'd like to know how my wierd habits came about.

Pam- Fossils "ROCK"!!

Jayne- I've seen rose breasted grosbeaks before but this pair (female too) was a first yardbird. They stayed for 3 days and moved on.

1. If I'm ever near Roundrock I'll be begging for one of your round rocks to take home!
2. Sheet's OK with me too.
5. Glad you never had the nun calling.

Lynne said...

liza lee-
Thaaaanks! We'll just see how wierd you are come Thursday!

LauraO said...

I loved reading this - we have some things in common. Great photo of the grosbeak, too. Is it spring yet?

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, Lynne. My image of you is totally blown now.
: )

I am with you about the pillowcase. I don't like the sheet on my face, just tucked under my chin.

You ARE weird, but I like that in a person!!!!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh, I wanted to add that I love rocks too and I usually bring one or two home with us when we go on a trip somewhere. I put them in the garden! My husband just shakes his head but his mother was the same way so he can't really figure out how to complain about it -- he always had rocks under his feet when they came home from camping trips! :)

Lynne said...

LauraO- Spring? I hear we're expecting a big sorm today, so no, not yet!

Susan- I didn't think I was THAT wierd!

liza lee- I bring rocks home from trips too!!

Larry said...

Nothing wrong with rocks as long as you don't throw them at people (unless maybe they're snapping gum on another planet).Your fear of transparent stairs reminds me of how I felt this morning when crossing an icy railroad trestle.

Cathy said...

Lilacs and a Rose breasted Grosbeak - I can't imagine your delight when you snapped this picture.

Lynne said...

Larry- I got weak-kneed just reading about your trek across the trestle!

Cathy- I was thrilled! That pair of grosbeaks came to my feeders for only 3 days, then left. It was a real treat!