Monday, February 12, 2007

Hat Part 2

Just a foot note to Saturday's birding trip:
When we finally got to Hedbom road both vans emptied out. Everyone was bundled against the cold, stretching legs, getting binoculars and cameras ready. Sharon's group and Stan's group finally got a chance to mingle. I glanced up and my mouth dropped open-
there was my hat!
Another lady had my hat!
She said she has a big head too and was happy to have found "our" hat at the same store where I bought mine.
It's a small world.


Mary said...

What a bonding experience! I hope both of you stay in touch when it's time for a new HAT! lol!

LauraO said...

Thanks for sharing a nice birding trip - great photos. Especially liked the grouse, they are difficult to see for very long.

NatureWoman said...

LOL Lynne! That's happened to me before - I saw someone walking around in my LL Bean coat once.

Sandy said...

I like your hat!
And those new bird shot are great. Do you often see birds when you are not with a bird group?
When I am in the woods, I know there are birds around, but rarely get more than a quick glance.

Susan Gets Native said...

It IS a small world...a small world full of big heads.

: )

pablo said...

Well, it is a nice hat.