Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh! The Carnage!!

Um, make that "cornage". After a couple of stressful days, I felt it was time for our annual summer corn feed. It's usually August before the Minnesota sweet corn is ready and these came right off the truck, at the end of the driveway at the farm where is was grown. Couldn't get fresher! There is absolutely nothing better than fresh sweetcorn on a hot summer day. At least once a year we pig out and make a supper of just sweetcorn. No burgers or brats, no salad or chips. Just corn with REAL butter (preferably Land O'Lakes) and salt. Yummm.
I saw a snag along the Mississippi River full of double crested cormorants this morning. Sorry, no camera, no pix. Those are such odd looking birds with their long, hooked beaks and droopy wings. They remind me of teenage boys with attitudes and bad posture. My back yard is pretty bare of birds right now. There are plenty of beautiful goldfinches feeding frantically. Of course there are the ever present house sparrows. I see chipping sparrows feeding on insects around the front yard but it seems the rest of my regular backyard birds have gone elsewhere. The katydids are buzzing in the trees. I'm trying not to complain about the heat and humidity because I know many of you have had worse.
I'm ready to be done with summer.
Bring on fall.
One of the things I really love about Minnesota is the distinct season change.
What do you love about where you live?
This is kind of a rambling post. It must be the corn.


RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
We've only had corn once so far this summer. I also like that 2-colored candy corn. Do you boil it or cook it on the grill in the husks?

Lynne said...

Hi Ruthie- I boil it. I've actually never tried to grill it, but I've heard its delish! How about you?

Mary C said...

Hi Lynne - I must admit that it is really nice to experience four seasons, but I do love this area of California where we generally have what I call a mild climate year round. But don't let that fool you - we can get down into the 30s during the winter months, and we can climb to 100+ during the summer, but most of the time it is what we call short term. Last year was an exception. Last summer we experienced 100+ for a couple of weeks straight. And then during the winter it was the first time we ever experienced below freezing temps for almost two weeks. That is how we lost a good number of our plants.

Susan Gets Native said...

Candy corn? You can grill candy corn? Doesn't it melt all over the coals?

So, Lynne. You were gorging on corn, thinking about corn, enjoying your CORN, and didn't have a camera to take a picture of cormorants?

eries argonaut said...

Hmmm...I thought I was the only one that would make a whole meal out of corn, the perfect food. Maybe it was my Minnesota roots. I do remember our family friends raised corn and my mother would help her can the corn. I'd beg for an ear and eat it raw and then was told to get back to shuck'en corn. Kids used to have to work in those days.

Jayne said...

Nothing better than fresh corn off the cob... yuuummmmmy! My birds are also scarce Lynne. Pretty much just the house finches these days. An occasional cardinal or titmouse, but that's about it. I am really ready for fall as well. Have a great weekend!

nina said...

I haven't had this year's corn yet! (I knew summer wasn't complete)
We used to dig a pit and roast it in the ground over coals--but that's a huge production--good for a large group's meal--like a reunion,...And, as much as I'd love to plan some for dinner--the thought of boiling water in this heat makes me put it off, yet again!
I love early fall best in SW Ohio--skies are blue, air dry, sun shining! Then it gets all rainy and gray for months and they call it winter.

Deb said...

mmmm...corn...and what is it about Land O Lakes butter that makes it so much better than the others!

I love the turning of the seasons here too. And I love my "natural air conditioning", the cool nights we usually get.

LauraO said...

We are enjoying our Jersey corn now too. Your story reminded me of that scene in "Second Hand Lion" where the two uncles think they're planting a vegetable garden and end up with all corn. Very funny - and a great movie if you guys haven't seen it!

Carolyn H said...


I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who makes a full meal of just perfectly fresh sweet corn. And when I want a change from that my meal will be sweet corn and cantaloupe. Ah, perfection!

Carolyn H.

NatureWoman said...

Mmmmmm, there is nothing like fresh corn, yummy!!! I love your description of cormorants!
Ohhh, season change for sure is what I love about NYS! That and all of the lakes. And hills. And I know there's many other things I'm not thinking of right now.

Sandy said...

Lynne, people in Maine have CORN dinners, too. They also do it when the strawberries come out. Just a great big dish of strawberry shortcake!

Our seasons are similar to yours, maybe not so cold, I am not sure on that. I do know that down here by the coast we have milder winters. I am ready for fall, too. Probably because that is my favorite season.

About where I live---I love cool nights, looking at mountains, pine trees, the ocean, moose, and small villages.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,
Sweet corn on the cob, butter,
and salt--ummm ummmm! I do like
the idea of having it with canta-loupe though. That buzzing coming
from the trees, is it a long
drawn-out buzz lasting several
seconds? If so, it probably is a
cicada. Katydids are not very
common here in New Hope, but I have
heard and seen them in the past.
Their call is different in that
they usually have three notes all
the same:shhh shhh shhh- -shhh shhh
shhh- repeated over and over! Hope
this helps. Hap in New Hope.

Lynne said...

MAry C- I'll take 4 seasons!

Susan- You are a nut! I'll try and do better.

Erie's Argonaut- I ate it raw as a kid too!

Jayne- I guess fewer birds are to be expected.

Nina- I've never had it roasted! Sounds good.

Deb- I don't know why it has to be Land O'Lakes. Local I guess.

LauraO- I love the movie Second Hand Lion. I think I'll pull it out this weekend.

Carolyn H- Pairing it up with cantaloupe sounds delish!

Pam- I know you love your NYS, It's apparent in your blog!

Sandy- Strawberry shortcake- Yumm! I've never been to Maine, but I'd love to one day.

Hap in New Hope- Hey! Maybe we're neighbors! I'm Lynne in New Hope!! You're absolutely right about the buzzing being long and loud. Cicadas! Thanks! Thanks for visiting here too- come again!

BirdingMom said...

Here in NY state, the summer is hot and the winter is cold. We have had a real hot~n~humid spell this week ... but on to the corn ... it is ALMOST, not quite time for local corn here. by mid August, we will have corn with EVERY meal. It is the time I look forward to each summer ... and just when I think I have had my fill, the season is over.
The other thing that it just about prime are the Tomatos. We are close enough for fresh Jersey tomatos ... and if you have never had a Jersey Beefsteak tomato sliced on home-made white bread with Mayo ~ you, my dear have not lived!

Lynne said...

Birdingmom- My husband loves tomato,mayo,white bread sandwiches but I prefer a BLT!! YUM!!
What makes a Jersey Beefsteak special?

MojoMan said...

Boy! You guys in Minnesota are tough. Around here, we just cut a switch and and beat our brats. We certainly don't eat them.

Larry said...

That's it-I'm going to get some corn-i haven't bothered with fresh corn yet-but I have spent some time walking around cornfields-I'm always expecting Roy Clark to pop up out of the cornfield-Hee Haw!!
What do I like about my area-it's o.k.-variety of weather and habitat I guess- but I want to move to a less populated part of the country

Lynne said...

Mojoman- LOL!! It's nice to hear from you. Hope all is OK where you are.

Larry- Art (my DH) would love to move away from the city too. He'd like Wyoming.

Mary said...

I also sprinkle my corn with black pepper. Yes, it's gotta be Land 0 Lakes - the real deal!

Go ahead and complain, Lynne. Hot is hot and it all relative.

We are roasting here, like turkeys in the oven. For a while, the birds were few. Now, since we have had a few days of 100+ degrees in a row, the birds are frantic. I can't keep up with the feeding. Lots of juveniles that are so cute but it's too hot to stand outside with the camera!

What I love about where I live are the seasons. We have them, somewhat. It doesn't get real cold until January and by the beginning of March, spring weather comes. Two months of winter is good but I wish I could see more snowfalls.

barefoot gardener said...

I love the whole corn-on-the-cob meal deal! We do that at least once a year, and I think the best part is the whole butter-dripping-off-chin-and-elbows part.

In my town we have an annual corn feed. Free farm fresh sweet corn and real melted butter. Salt, pepper, and sugar for those who are willing to try that. It is a fabulous tradition. Now that my town is growing, I keep waiting every year for it to be called off, but it hasn't happened yet. I guess keeping your fingers crossed really is good for something!

mon@rch said...

I so desire corn on the cob right now! HMMM

dguzman said...

I'm on the corn-as-a-meal wagon as well, especially when you've just picked it and boiled it yourself. There's nothing better than your own fresh-picked veggies and fruits.

I'm ready for fall too! I love the cool dry days of fall, the frosty mornings, the precious sunlight, the orange harvest moons.... sigh.

Cathy said...

"Cornage"! You're a hoot! I love the simile: cormorants like teenage boys. Yeah ! It works:0)

Funny thing has happened to me Lynne. I'm actually getting used to the heat - at least I'm trying to convince myself I am. The problem with Autumn is that WINTER is close on its heels and that's the end of LIGHT.

What I love about NW Ohio. Hmmmm. My friends :0)

OK I know you mean the natural world. The fungus. Really. We get great mushrooms in the fall.

Susan said...

I'm surprised that so many of you make meals out of just corn. That was our favorite meal when we were kids, but when I tell that to others, they think it's a little strange. I thought we were the only ones!