Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just Be

Just Be

When the ice coats all, from freezing rain,

and it's a feat to stay aloft,

The birds still have to find their food;

and it shows that they aren't soft.

I filled my feeder awhile ago

and was trying to move some ice;

A chicadee came up so close to me;

chirping "Me, me, me" - So nice!

It was a moving "thank you" -

one I won't forget;

Such a little thing for me to do

and yet a reward I did net.

He came back with his family

and other birds he'd told;

They chattered and sang and gave thanks, too;

and made me warm - not cold.

They gave me strength to scrape the ice,

while they chirped their songs to me;

If that is all I accomplish today,

it was a time to remember and "just be".

Joan Adams Burchell

(copyright January 3, 2005)


Jayne said...

Indeed... to "just be" is such a gift. Have a lovely day Lynne!

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely, It just made me stop and enjoy.


Ruth said...

"just be" What a nice thought. We can learn much from the birds.

Anonymous said...

Jayne- I had posted before about how my style of birding is to watch birds "just be" birds so when I found this little poem I was delighted.

Jackie- Hi! Haven't heard from you in a while. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment again! :)
Shoot me an email (my email is in my blogger profile) if you're still interested in Cape May in October and I'll send you the info we've gotten.

Ruth- Yes we can learn much from the birds. I think of that especially when I get bogged down in worries or regrets.

NatureWoman said...

That's a cool poem, Lynne! Birds certainly aren't soft in what they have to endure!

Unknown said...

Nice poem, Lynne! I like it! Reminds me . . . I need to fill the feeders today! :)

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Pam- I am amazed that they make it through our winters.

Liza- Fill 'em up!

Mary said...

From a distance they watch me fill the feeders and I often wonder if they appreciate and understand what that woman is doing for them... I think they really do. That poem made me smile... Thanks!

Have a great day, Lynne.

Larry said...

I can imagine a Chickadee saying me me me.I always thought that a Goldfinch sounded like it was saying eeeat!