Thursday, March 08, 2007

Say So

I received a phone call yesterday telling me of the passing of a woman that I have admired since the day I met her. Thirteen years ago when both of my children were babies I quit work to stay home with them full time. No regrets there. About seven years later, as the kids were both in school all day, I decided I needed to find something to do for myself. I found an ad in our church bulletin looking for some one with lab experience to volunteer in a prenatal clinic once or twice a month. Perfect! So I applied and met Pat. Pat was a retired RN who managed a pro-life prenatal clinic in a rough area of Minneapolis. The clinic did no preaching. They quite simply provided prenatal care and various support services to women who were struggling but wanted to have healthy pregnancies. Some of those women were very young, many with difficult financial circumstances. Most kept their babies, some opted for adoption. All received excellent health care thanks to Pat. All were greeted by name with a smile, often a hug and always a hot lunch thanks to Pat. Every woman near the end of her pregnancy received a box of new baby clothes, blankets and a toy thanks to the donations collected by Pat. She listened to their worries and helped them find solutions. She had the biggest heart and was the holiest woman I've ever known. I am so fortunate to have loved her and I know she loved me too. She never missed an opportunity to say so.
I took the rest of the afternoon off from house work and went to a park along the Mississippi River near the clinic where I volunteered with Pat. I needed to see some life and some beauty.
The sky was so blue it almost hurt my eyes. The river was open and reflected the old water works plant on the other side.
There were mallards swimming along the ice floats. Males were squawking over the females. This one wanted two girls for himself and chased away every drake that swam near!
There were tree sparrows eating the dead heads that poked up through the deep snow. I took 53 sparrow pictures to get just this one that I liked!
After soaking up some more sun I went home and hugged and kissed my kids. And now I will tell you all, my blogging friends, how much I appreciate your words and pictures and kind comments. This is an amazing blog community and I am lucky and happy to be a part of it.


Unknown said...

Lynne, you are appreciated too! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. She sounds very special. Hope your walk was healing!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss but also glad that your life was graced by such a fine person. She has a wonderful legacy in all the people that were helped by her kindness. I wish you peace.

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks for *saying so* Lynne!

Sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like she touched many lives and that is a great legacy.

Mary said...


You have done a nice tribute to Pat. And I'm glad you took some time off to continue remembering her.

You are special to us, Lynne. I drop by every day and get so happy when you have posted.


HellZiggy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful woman.
~other Sharon

NatureWoman said...

Lynne - I'm so sorry about Pat. Thank you for telling us about her - a very special lady.
I feel lucky to be a part of this blog community, too, and very happy to know you - looking forward to meeting you!
Thank you for taking us on your walk with you. Your photos are gorgeous!

Susan Gets Native said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. We need more people to "say so".

And right back at ya, Lynne! I feel so lucky to have found such a welcoming, warm, fun group on Bloggerland!

Anonymous said...

Lynne - I'm sorry you've lost your friend, she was a very special lady.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Liza- Thank you. Sunshine, fresh air, and of course birds are often better than a pill!

Sara- Pat made a huge difference in my life. Thank you.

LauraH- She is a prime example of how one person CAN make a difference. Thank you.

Mary- She knew how much I loved birds and especially Hasty Brook. I got to say good-bye to her while I walked. Thank you.

Hellziggy- Thank you. Pat was a tiny little woman who left a big hole in my heart.

Pam- Thank you. I'm amazed at the friendships that I've found here. I work every other weekend and we're only allowed to ask for one weekend off per year. I'm using my one weekend for Cape May!! Can't wait!!

Susan- Thank you for your kind word. I just can't wait to meet "the FLOCK"!!

LauraO- Special indeed. Thank you.

Jayne said...

May light perpetual shine upon Pat's gentle soul...

Cathy said...

That sweet little sparrow in the last picture is channeling the tender heart of you. Isn't it beautiful the way two lives can intersect as yours and Pat's and both be richer and forever changed by the encounter?
We were at 46' today and I finally took off my long underwear. Ahhhh! Spring! (Your pixes are beautiful)

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Jayne- Thank you for the prayer for Pat.

Cathy- What a lovely thing to say. And yes, I believe people are brought into our lives for a reason. SPRING!!!

Larry said...

I'm sorry to hear about yout friend.-I hope that the spring will help reward you with good memories through the beauty of nature.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Larry- Thank you for your kind words.