Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Was About Meeting Friends and Learning About Life

Don't look for any bird pictures in this post. It's all about the wonderful people I met in 2008 that share my love for birds. I was very fortunate to be able to take several birding trips last year. The first one was to the Sax-Zim Bog Birding Festival last February. That's when I got to meet Ruthie. Ruthie and I hit it off right away and laughed and talked for miles and miles. I was amazed to learn that Ruthie can knit in the dark!

Mike Hendrickson was the festival coordinator- he built it from scratch and did an outstanding job. Mike is also a Minnesota blogger. He's lots of fun and a really skilled birder and guide.

Luckily I found out today that my vacation request from work was granted so I'll be able to attend the Sax-Zim Bog Festival again this year in Ferbruary!! Yahoo!

Another Minnesota blogger I met was Jeff from Ecobirder. Jeff is an amazing photographer. Be sure to check out his blog.

Yet another Minnesota blogger I met at the Sax-Zim Festival was Laura Erickson. Laura is working her dream job at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. If you're looking for some terrific bird podcasts check out For the Birds.

When Ruthie and I left the Sax-Zim bog to star driving south for home we made a slight detour to visit Deb from Sand Creek Almanac at her home in the pines of northern Minnesota. I've been lucky to meet Deb several times both birding and just to visit and I count her as a good friend. I love this picture at Deb's with Sally jumpung up to join the girls at the last minute!Last June I exchanged a few emails with Linda from Erie's Argonaut. She and her husband were going to be in Minneapolis and I was so excited to meet her for a morning of birding. Unfortnately that was one of the buggiest mornings ever and we called the birding quits and wound up talking and laughing at a nearby coffee shop for several hours. It was such fun! I asked a lady at the next table to take a quick picture of Linda and me to remember the day. Later that week Linda and her husband stopped off to visit us at Hasty Brook. Art and I had a great time and we hope they'll come back again.

Speaking of Art, somehow I talked him into going on my next birding trip with me in September. Art is not a birder but he had a good time as the designated "chummer" on a Duluth pelagic trip.

It was COLD.

The first weekend in October brought me to Milbank, South Dakota to a three day sparrow workshop. I carpooled out with strangers and spent a three day weekend with no one that I knew. Kind of a jump for me, but you all probably know by now that I make friends pretty easily. (too easily Art said) That was a pretty intense workshop with not alot of down time but I sure learned alot and it was really good for me to have time just to myself.
Then, at the last weekend of October came Cape May New Jersey. A BIG trip. Flying off alone, renting a car and driving across the state to stay in a condo with two other women I'd never met before. Good grief what women they were!
Kathi, Susan and me.

All I can do is shake my head remebering the jumble of laughter, stories, laughter, workshops, laughter, food, laugher and, ok, a few good birds.
I love this picture. This salt marsh boat tour was my favorite field trip of the weekend. We all had such a good time. Kathi, sweet Laura, Jay from birdJam Hi Jay!, Susan and me.

We had a dinner out that brought lots of bloggers together. There was John from A DC Birding Blog.
Delia and Birdchick and their thousand watt smiles.
Sharon, Beth, Kathi and me. Beth was a new friend (she's old now?) just that day. Staring up a conversation with a stranger during a field trip has brought me another good friend. Can you see how lucky I am?
This picture of Laura, Susan and me, taken by Jay will aways bring a lump to my throat.
Such a bittersweet night that was.
In November I got a wonderful gift when I met Hap in New Hope. Can't say enough about what a kind fellow Hap is. Hap doesn't have a blog (you should have a blog Hap!) but has commented here for a while.
So my bloggy life list grew quite a bit in 2008 and I can't wait to see who I get to meet this year.
Bloggy Life List
(friends through blogging)
Mike from Colder by the Lake Birding
Laura Erickson
Sharon the Birdchick
Ruthie the Nature Knitter
Deb from Sand Creek Almanac
Linda from Erie's Argonaut
Jeff the Ecobirder
Susan from Susan Gets Native
Kathi the Katdoc
Laura from Somewhere in NJ
Delia from Beginning to Bird
John from a DC Birding Blog
Jay from birdJam
Beth from Pennsylvania
Hap in New Hope
There's still time to join us in West Virginia at the New River Birding and Nature Festival April 27- May 2, 2009. The field trips sound great, the birding fantastic and I'm sure there will be non-stop fun. (as in bring the Depends!)
I hope to add to my bird life list and there should be plenty of opportunity for that.
But what I'm REALLY looking forward to is adding to my Bloggy Life List.
I hope to spot these new bloggies:
Mary from Mary's View
Nina from Nature Remains
Susan from Lake Life
Kathie from Sycamore Canyon
Bill Thompson from Bill of the Birds
and spend time with old friends:
Delia from Beginning to Bird
Kathi the Katdoc
Laura from Somewhere in NJ
Susan from Susan Gets Native
Beth from Pennsylvania!
Think about joining us- it'll be a blast!
There's a link on my sidebar with more information.
To all of you who come here to visit-

I wish you a happy, healthy, safe and peaceful New Year
and I'll keep my eyes open- maybe I'll be blessed to meet you this year.


Shellmo said...

Lynne - what great friends you have made! And I would've loved to have met you and Ruthie especially! I'm seriously considering that April bird festival that you posted the link too. It sounds like so much fun - especially spending time with people who share the same interests in birding and nature!

Susan Gets Native said...

God love your heart, Lynnie-Lou.
New River is going to be just like Cape May, but FUNNER! (I can feel Geoff cringing...he hates it when I use that non-word)
I'm so glad I got to add you to my Life List in 2008. Probably one of my best moments of the year.

ivars krafts said...

What a wonderful year filled with friends & memories!
May your 2009 be even more filled with fun, joy, & friendship!

Bird Girl said...

You had a beautiful year of making new friends! I enjoyed reading all about your adventures - I like the idea of a 'bloggie life list'! Hope your 2009 is filled with even more new friends -- winged and otherwise ;-)

Linda in Erie said...

Wow! You met a lot of new people. I thought I met a bunch but your lists is so awesome I'm just green with envy! It was so great to meet you this past year. Normally I'm a bit shy when I meet someone new but I felt like I already knew you and talked your ears off. It's amazing how much we get to know each other from our blogs. Hopefully I'll make it to some of the same bird outings as you do in the coming years. Have a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, I'm glad you had such a
wonderful year! Hope 2009 will be
even better. It was a real delight
for me to meet you at that store
last November (ditto to Art).
It has always been a pleasure to
help with an ID when needed. When
I read each new blog of yours it
has become apparent your birding
skills have mushroomed and you
are gaining more confidence every
time you post. Way to go!!!
Hap in New Hope

Toni said...

Awesome post Lynn. I love meeting bloggers in person so I know just how you feel. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a neat way to measure the year, Lynne. Hope you meet just as many special birders in 2009!

Mary C said...

Lynne, that is quite a list for one year. Way to go! Here's to 2009 and adding to your "bloggie life list." ;o)

KatDoc said...

Wow, Lynne, you did a lot of birding with bloggers last year. Here's to more fun in 2009!

And to Shellmo:
You GOTTA come to New River. It is a great birding festival, and will be made even better this year with the arrival of the Flock.


Jayne said...

What a year you had Lynne! Can't wait to be added to your Bloggy Life List and to give you a big hug in person!

Deb said...

Lynne- a happy New Year to you too! It was so great to see you and meet RuthieJ that day. And Sally-she's still a hyper dog.

I definitely need to treat myself to Sax Zim this year! Steve Weston said he was going to be one of the guides; he's always so fun to bird with. So I'm probably 95% sure I'll go. I wish I could go to the New River festival, but that's always such a busy time of year for work.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a wonderful post. I feel as if I know those people. How fortunate you have been (and they have been ) to meet one another in person.

Hope 2009 brings more joy than you can imagine.

Leedra said...

You had such a wonderful year. I have looked at the birding festival in WVA over and over. But the new grandson in due right then. Wish you were coming the next year.

Great post, life is wonderful when we are behind binoculars or cameras, and the friends we make doing it.

Mary said...


I clearly remember all of your tales and photos you posted here. You certainly had quite a time in 2008! Let's look forward to meeting in a few months. I have a feeling it's going to be the biggest party ever. West Virginia will never be the same.


bruss1510 said...

I am glad I got to put you, Susan, Laura, Delia, Sharon, Kathy, John and Jay on my Life List, too, Lynne! Thanks for making me part of the Flock. Can't wait to see you again in WV and add friends to my life list, too.

Happy New Year!

Webtoad said...

Hi Lynne! Happy New Year! I'm glad you're on my life list too.



KGMom said...

It has been great meeting new friends via this bloggy community.
I wish you an even better, more friend filled year in 2009.

RuthieJ said...

What a great year 2008 was for birding bloggers Lynne. I'm glad I was able to share a small part of it with you. You will have an awesome time in West Virginia!

Diane said...

Such a bundle of pleasant memories, Lynne! I look forward to an opportunity to meet some of the people that I've connected with through bird blogging - maybe someday!

Eve said...

You've got some great friends there Lynne! Maybe someday I'll be able to give you a little hug!! You never know!!!

LostRoses said...

Wow, Lynne, you've really spread your wings and flown this year, haven't you? I loved reading about all the birding adventures you've been on this year and the friends you've made. Thinking back to when I used to take bird trips, I'd have to say I never met another "birder" that I didn't like. It's a friendly community, isn't it? And I'm thinking you have no trouble making friends anyway!

The Muse said...

a truly lovely tribute :)

dAwN said...

wow a great birdie life list..
I have been following most of your blogs for over a month now and enjoying all of it...
Wish I could join you all on your west virgina trip...but alas our home on wheels will be somewhere else.

Maybe someday..
happy new year and happy birding to you!

T.R. said...

What a great life list you've got going! I can't wait to add you at New River!!!

Cathy said...

Sweet Lynne!

You've got me smiling :0)

What is it about Birders?

I haven't met one I didn't like.

A Lincoln's Sparrow?! You've got some good karma goin' up there in MN.

I see you've also got some well-fed squirrels.

Tell you what. I'll put my corpulent squirrels up against yours any time.

Mine can hardly scramble they're so well fed. They knock on the patio door if I'm late with their corn and peanuts. Sheesh ;0D

T.R. said...

I am hosting IATB Thursday and there was not a single submission from any Minnesota birder and they are legion. May I add this? I have a Great Lakes States category and would like you to be there. Thx. Tim

John said...

It was a pleasure meeting you, Lynne! Happy New Year!

Kathiesbirds said...

Wow, a Blogging Life List? You know, this could be contagious! Listing is a disease among birders as you well know! Can't wait to meet you! I only have 2 bloggers on my bloggers life list (so far). You are WAY ahead of me!

nina said...

This is such a nice way to recap your year--it certainly seems like Minnesota puts you in the thick of things!

Looking forward to WV--can NOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!