Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oooh Baby- It's COLD Outside!

Here in Minnesota we're stuck in a pretty nasty cold snap with high temperatures forecast in the single digits below zero. That's the kind of cold that hurts pretty fast. When my kids left for the bus this morning at 0630 it was 17 BELOW!!
There's nothing much going on around here. I had carpal tunnel repair surgery on Monday. I'm hoping to have fewer problems holding binoculars and my camera with the fix. I'm out of work for two weeks and I can take off the soft cast tomorrow. The only birdwatching I'm doing is out the window using nothing but my eyes! It's really too cold to get out anyway.
The Lincoln's Sparrow has moved on or was snatched by the neighborhood Cooper's Hawk. I'm hoping he's hanging out somewhere else. It seems most of the house sparrows that he associated with have moved on too. There have been many Pine Siskins, Juncos and House Finches here for the last few weeks. Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers are regulars and there's been a pretty Red-bellied Woodpecker here for the last few days. Hope he stays- the flash of color is bold in the white/gray/brown of our winter landscape.
There's been new Junco behavior with the colder temps. I understood from the field guides that Juncos are ground feeders but there are a few that have decided that the thistle socks are a good spot for lunch. This one has one foot on each sock! Even the cheeky Pine Siskins couldn't chase him off. This morning I saw a Junco on the wooden suet plug feeder drilling away for suet. They must need a tremendous number of calories just to stay warm.

The colder it gets and the harder it snows, the busier the feeders get.

I had to toss in a picture of John and Molly from Christmas Eve. It's hard to believe that they're both in high school. I'm so proud of them. They are both growing into such good people- kind hearted and responsible. They have semester finals today and tomorrow.

Good Luck to my Kid(ney)s!

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Eve said...

Hope they did good on finals! Keep warm Lynne and keep those birdies fed!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes it is cold,too cold.Hope your carpal tunnel surgery will turn out well.I had both hands done about 8 years ago and the results are well worth it.

jalynn01 said...

If you had surgery on Monday how were you typing all that on Wednesday or do you have a helper? Our weather is taking a dip too and they say in the single digits with wind chill below 0!! Yikes, I hate that, but it does bring birds to the feeders and you have plenty on yours. Your winters are brutal! Stay warm. Your kids look so sweet with their little turned up smiles.

Linda in Erie said...

I guess I should stop complaining about our 13 degrees today. Your temperatures are just brutal. I went fishing in Idaho once when the chill factor was 32 below and I was in pain the whole time and in tears. You have such good-looking kids and responsible, too. What a great combination! I really see the resemblance of you and your daughter. For some reason birds aren't around my feeders on the really cold windy days. The coopers hawk is perched on the neighbor's chimney and our fence that past few weeks. He's hungry.

Bird Girl said...

It's nice to be all warm and cozy in your house recoup'ing from surgery and just takin' it easy! The siskins are taking the feeders of the world ;-) but I'm not complaining (yet;-)
Your kids are beautiful! Nice eyes and gorgeous complexions!

Shellmo said...

You have such great birdy action! I hope you recover quickly from your surgery! And your kids are so attractive - love their sweet smiles!!

Shellmo said...

You have such great birdy action! I hope you recover quickly from your surgery! And your kids are so attractive - love their sweet smiles!!

Marsha said...

Are you typing one handed? That carpal tunnel is a hassle that's for sure.
With this cold spell I haven't seen a pine siskin or a redpoll since last week so I think they might have moved on. Still lots of goldfinches, juncos, downys, hairy woodpeckers, bluejays and of course starlings and sparrows.
Nice looking pair of kids there!

Deb said...

Hope your binocular hand is all better for Sax Zim!

I stepped outside this morning and thought "It doesn't feel that cold out!" It was 12 below. I must be adjusting!

Lynne said...

Eve- We sure are going through the thistle!

Ruth- Thank you. I had the right wrist done 3 years ago and it was a great fix.

Jalynn- Cold all over isn't it. I'm able to type OK with one hand.

Linda- There's been a Cooper's Hawk watching here too. Everybody's gotta eat.

BirdGirl- It's a big year for Siskins isn't it?

Shelley- Thank you much!

Marsha- Yup, one handed!

Deb- Yeah, gotta get the wrist ready for Sax-Zim!

Mary said...

Linne, I hope your hand heals quickly. That surgery has sure come a long way for success. Meanwhile, enjoy being away from work and watching the birds against the snow. They sure do need us now...

I'm sure your high schooler kids will do well on those exams :o) All they need is plenty of sleep and a good breakfast!


Toni said...

Oh my take care of your hand. And yes stay indoors. I thought we had it cold but you sure have got me beat.

I love watching the activity with the birds when there is so much snow.
My Juncos are on the feeders and suet besides feeding off the ground. gotta go where the food is.

ivars krafts said...

I'm sorry you had to go through surgery -- but I pray for a speedy recovery. You'll be better than ever!
Great lookin' kids!

Susan Gets Native said...

You had surgery????
Why didn't I hear about this? Where's the freakin' memo???

John's into Iron Maiden? My kind of kid.
: )

Leedra said...

They grow up so fast. Before you know it they will be through college, married and making your a Granny. Mason will be one year old in 2 weeks, seems like John was that age not that many years ago.

The Junco (with the foot on each sock) is talking to you. I enlarged, you sure do have alot of activity going on there.

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Photography By Leedra

Jayne said...

I had my left carpal tunnel released in 1999 and have had no problems since. Just keep it elevated as you can post-op for a few days and keep moving thumb to fingertips to exercise it gently as you relax and keep warm! :c)

Love the photo of John and Molly and can't believe how much they've grown!
Love to you my friend.

Diane said...

Your children are beautiful, Lynne! It is such a blessing to watch them mature into all they were created to be, isn't it?
Your feeding station makes me smile - so similar to mine a few weeks ago! Enjoy! I know they are enjoying your good care for them!
Speedy Recovery!

Anonymous said...

Hope your recovery is smooth and that your results are impressive! I wouldn't mind a few days of downtime myself right now. Enjoy it!

Larry said...

I wouldn't be doing much birdwatching in that weather.I would probably stick to birding by car.It sounds like a good opportunity to stock up on ice cubes.-Just put the water-filled trays outside.

Pablo said...

If it were -17 degrees here in Kansas City, the schools would be closed.

I can't believe those two are the same little darlings you showed on your front porch some years back!

mon@rch said...

I am so ready for spring to arrive . . . brrr that's even colder than we have had it! The birdies really need the feeders with temps like this!

RuthieJ said...

Wow, Lynne, I love all those birdies at your feeders--you must be enjoying recuperation time while watching out your windows. I've even had a couple of juncos on my window feeder--our cold weather is really increasing the bird activity in the backyard.
Thanks for an updated photo of your good looking kids--the last one I remember John was a lot shorter!

Mel said...

They are so cute!!!
Oh, and the birdies too ;)

dAwN said...

you have quite the birdie feeding
cute kiddies