Monday, January 19, 2009


I wish I had something great to post about. I haven't been out birding in what seems like ages. My left wrist which I use to hold my camera lens had been giving me fits for quite a while so it was definitely time to get it fixed. Even holding my binoculars for any length of time caused problems. Last week I had it surgically repaired but that meant I was pretty much house-bound for the week. Minnesota temperatures for nearly the entire week were below zero and this ice was the view out the window. I think I have a bad case of cabin fever. If we have a warmer day this week or next I plan to make a day trip up to Hasty Brook. I can't put into words how much I miss that place. Our cabin plans have been put on hold due to the state of our economy. It's the smart thing to do I know but I can't stop believing that we'll live there some day. We'll just move in smaller steps.
I do have another birding festival coming up. In February I'll head up to the Sax-Zim Bog for their second Sax-Zim Bog Winter Birding Festival.
Last year Ruthie and I went and had a blast. This year Deb and I are going and we're on a mission to see a Boreal Chickadee. There have been plenty of sightings up there so I expect we'll get our bird. I've still never seen a Gray Jay either and hope to add it to my life list as well. It's been a terrific winter for northern owls too. Snowy, Great Gray and Northern Hawk Owls have been seen frequently. I can't wait to get away to this festival. One of the field trips goes right past Hasty Brook and spends time in the areas around our place. We'll be visiting Sharp-tailed Grouse leks several miles from Hasty. Can't wait to learn more about the birds in my area.
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Vickie said...

Hope your wrist feels better soon. I love your birding plans. Hope you get to see the chickadee and especially the wonderful list of owls!

Deb said...

Boreal chickadee! Boreal chickadee! Yeah!

And Gray jay. I can't forget how I saw one, right in Bruno no less, on my first Christmas bird count.

dAwN said...

Sorry about your wrist..hope you can hold those binos soon!
hey i tried to click on that link for the bird fest and it didnt work...
ok i am going to finish reading more of your posts! see ya..

Mel said...

Hola Lynne,

I hope your wrist is better now :)

Have fun with the upcoming festival! Don't worry, you'll be in Hasty Brook in no time!!



Susan Gets Native said...

Some year I WILL get to Sax-Zim. I promise. We can help each other out of snowdrifts as we try to get a good view of a hawk owl or great gray.

Shellmo said...

That ice photo looks like a beautiful ice sculpture! I hope your wrist heals fast!

Leedra said...

I was wondering about your Hasty Brook plans this morning. I sure understand the state of economy putting it on hold. After we have made this additional house location (for Jimmy to live in close to work)we don't even know if his new plant is going to be ok. I think of going to Rockwood is like you going to Hasty Brook, because it seems I have so many more birds there than I do at home.

I hope your hand heals good, in time for your birding festival. That is so exciting.

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Red said...

Well, despite your frigid temps, you have one thing I'll never see here... ice patterns on the windows! Love it :D

I sure hope you'll be 100% for your birding festival... and that you get that Boreal Chickadee :)

Can't wait for the report on the other birders you'll meet too.

cindy said...

Jack Frost! He sure does beautiful work! My Mom had that surgery, it took awhile to feel good again. Hope you and Deb have a blast at the bog! Sounds like they're seeing some nice owls and other great birds! I love that place! Have not been there yet this year. Maybe next month sometime. Can't do the festival. Lot's of people have had to put plans on hold. But Hasty will be there for you.

Linda in Erie said...

Oh my, I've been watching your temperatures last week and can only be thankful we didn't get quit that cold. I'm glad you had your wrist fixed as it would be hard to bird without using the binoculars. I hope it heals fast for you. Here's hoping you get to see the Boreal Chickadee!

KatDoc said...

I read the info on Sax-Zim and it sounds way too cold for me! Although, at the moment, your weather bug and mine both have the same temp (13F) so maybe Minn cold isn't always worse than Ohio cold.

Love the ice patterns on the window.

Heal quickly!


Kallen305 said...

I hope your wrist feels better soon. Look on the bright side and remember your wrist will be back to its old self for spring which is the best time for birding.

I am glad to see temps normalizing some for you. I thought of you and the other bloggers in Minnesota whenever I saw the temps you all had.

Jayne said...

Hope the CTR healing is going well Lynne. I am sure you and Deb will have a blast at Sax-Zim! :c)

Toni said...

Lynn before you know it you will be out and about. Keep thinking good thoughts and your wrist will heal fast. Think of the fun you are going to have with your bird festivals coming up. :)

troutbirder said...

I've got to talk my birding buddie to go up to Sax Zim sometime again. We did go up there a few years ago but were to late for all the great gray owls.

Eve said...

I too am hoping you mend quickly Lynne. Good luck with the birding, I'm sure you'll be adding to your list soon. The weather is getting to all us northerners for sure. You'll get out to Hasty Brook in no time.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love the ice picture.I sure hopeyou are feeling 100% by thetime of the festival.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing photo. It seems your injury isn't bothering your photography!

I do hope you heal quickly.

Lynne said...

Vickie- I'm sure hoping for the Boreal Chickadee. I'd love to see those owls again too.

Deb- Boreal Chickadee- HU RAH!

Dawn- I fixed the link. Thankd for letting me know.

Mel- Stitches come out next Monday, then I can start easing into using it again!

Susan- You MUST come. Remember, I will pick you up at the airport and drive you up there.

Shelley- The ice formation on the windows was so pretty.

Leedra- I understand that lots of people have to put plans on hold. I just hope that we can eventually move on with them, maybe at a slower pace.

Cindy- I wish you could join Deb and I at the festival. I would love to meet you. Maybe we can arrange to meet for birds and coffee some time?

Linda- That cold snap really made a 20 degree day feel warm!

Kathi- Really you must think about coming up here for the owls and other boreal birds. It's not as bad as it sounds coldwise. If you could do a day at the Wilds, you can do Minnesota in February!

Kallen- Really I am glad to have had the surgery in January so I'll be up to speed for birding!

Jayne- The CTR is coming along. I probably waited a bit too long to get it fixed. Deb and I will take lots of pix for you!

Toni- I think I was a bit droopy when I wrote that post. I really am grateful to have the wrist fixed so I can better enjoy doing what I love. I think all of us up here get a little stir crazy in winter.

Troutbirder- It's a good winter for the owls. You should come up!! Be sure to wave at Hasty Brook when you go by!

Eve- We all are affected by the "long dark" aren't we?

Ruth- Thank you! I should be in good shape soon.

Scienceguy- Thanks! I snapped that with my point and shoot the day before my surgery.

Larry said...

What you need is a good dose of Spring.-It won't be long and then your wrist will be much happier.

In the mean time maybe you can get one of those Bob Dylan harmonica type holders to set your binoculars on-just kidding.-Sorry about your wrist.

Larry said...

What you need is a good dose of Spring.-It won't be long and then your wrist will be much happier.

In the mean time maybe you can get one of those Bob Dylan harmonica type holders to set your binoculars on-just kidding.-Sorry about your wrist.

Tina said...

Wow what a great ice picture..such details. So sorry to hear about your wrist, hope it is healing fast. I had joint replacement done on my left thumb last spring b/c I couldn't even hold a pen let alone a camera...and it looks like I will have to have the right hand done maybe this Feb. which will leave me eyeballing my camera for many weeks!! Have fun on your festival trip!!

Ruth said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist, carpal tunnel surgery I assume. Make sure to give yourself enough recovery time. I wish there were birding festivals in our area. It does help to have guide help you find the birds.

RuthieJ said...

Oh Lynne, I hope that ice window wasn't in your house somewhere! I heard 30's for tomorrow and then sub-zero again by the weekend. I wonder if there are still openings at the Space Coast bird festival in Florida?? ;-)

Kathiesbirds said...

Lynne, the icy lace on the window is lovley, though I'm glad I'm not seeing it here! I hope you have fun at the festival and I really hope you get to see a gray jay and a boreal chickadee. I hope your wrist is healed up. How awful not to be able to hold your own bins!

I know last year you posted about running a retirement home for birders, maybe this year you can entertain yourself (and us) by designing winter fashions for birds! Perhaps that will help with your cabin fever. Can you imagine the little boots, earmuffs and coats you could design? I bet with your imagination and sense of humor you would have us all laughing and falling off our computer chairs!

Marsha said...

I hope you wrist is healing nicely! The frost/ice photo is fantastic!