Thursday, October 26, 2006

Animal Tracks and Wildlife

Anyone out there know animal tracks? We found some big ones around our campsite. Look at the size of this one! That is an adult sized hand for comparison. This track looks like two overlapped tracks to me, but the top half is so wide.
Here is another wide track. I can't believe it's a dog.
We saw this lovely group about a half mile from our place. They were grazing peacefully, but at least one of the herd always had its head up watching.
Posted by Picasa This pretty ruffed grouse was strolling up our driveway. Once it was is the brush it was nearly impossible to see unless it moved. Art and I followed it a while and eventually flushed a group of 5 grouse!


NatureWoman said...

I don't know too many paw prints - it will be interesting to find out what these are! I like your grouse photo! I've tried to capture them before and I found it wasn't easy!

Susan Gets Native said...

I looked up some tracks on google, and the closest I could get is Black Bear.
Their front paws leave a track half the size of the rear paws.

Lucky grouse shot. Good one!

MojoMan said...

If that's not a black bear, it must be the Hound of Hasty Brook! I must be great to have a place with so much wildlife around.

pablo said...

My guess is some kind of bear. Fun!

LauraHinNJ said...

I was thinking bear too - I have a great book on animal tracks and scat - I'll have to pull it out tomorrow.

Never seen a grouse - lucky you.

Susan Gets Native said...

You have a book about critter poop?
There's a book about everything, isn't there?

LauraO said...

I only know a little bit about tracking (still working on it)but I think I've read that tracks "grow" as they age, from the breakdown of the soil around the edges. The first one looks like bear to me too. The second is canine because the claws show. Cats don't leave claw my guess is coyote or wolf. You are in MN so wolf is a possibility (jealous here). Or as Mojoman said, the Hound of Hasty Brook!

-llm. said...

Everyone said what I was thinking too. Bear and then coyote (since I don't have wolves around here to compare to! :)

Rondeau Ric said...

Werewolf. Yes defenitely werewolf. Male, 5 foot 8, 143 lbs. Likes to wear plaid- Mackenzie Tartan pattern.

Susan did you know there's a book on identifying birds from the windshield spatters? Really.

Lynne said...

Thanks for the help everybody!
I know there are bears up there, but I was amazed at how big the tracks were. I guess it's time to put another field guide (tracks and poo) on my wish list!

Would that be bird poo splatters or high speed bird splatters?

Oh- and if you see the werewolf, tell him we'll keep an empty chair by the fire ring for him! (does he like s'mores?)

swamp4me said...

That top track doesn't look much like a bear track but that second track sure looks like a wolf track.

Rondeau Ric said...

Bird poo, Lynne, the other kind tend to remove the windshield. ;-)
He loves s'mores!!

My cerification word was gqzqd. It is intereting watching the computer try to use the auto fill tool. It may have a nervous breakdown.