Sunday, October 22, 2006

Going Up North!

FINALLY!! We didn't get on the road until Thursday morning. It was yet another gray, chilly day- winter does seem to have an early grip. We've definitely missed the fall color peak in northern Minnesota. To be honest, these more muted reds, golds and rust colors are my favorites. The oaks in the central part of the state hold on to their leaves a little longer and the colors are gentler.
Further north we drove into beautiful patches of tamaracks. Deb at Sand Creek Almanac did a lovely post about tamarack trees that is beautifully descriptive of these pretty trees. As a girl I always thought tamaracks were junky swamp trees. Nonsense!

Here we are! The view turning into Hasty Brook makes my heart glad. The birches had just started to yellow when I was there last, and now all of the leaves are down. The little puffs of white on stems along the driveway are the asters gone to seed. The creek runs about 150 feet to the left of the road, makes a curve beyond the pines seen in the distance, and doubles back 150 feet along the right side of the road. We have 10 acres, with roughly 5 acres on each side of the creek. All of our exploring has been on this, the west side of the creek- until Thursday! I'll post more when blogger allows me to upload more pictures. Posted by Picasa


Lynne said...

Does anyone have any idea why I have such trouble with spaces between my pictures? Any suggestions appreciated.

samtzmom said...

Just beautiful Lynne!

I have long ago given up trying to figure Blogger out in terms of picture placement. If I ever get mine looking the way I want them to, it's usually by You might check your post in the Edit HTML format tab and see if there are spaces to delete. Other than that, I am of no help.

NatureWoman said...

Beautiful photos! I can't wait for the rest of your photos. Yeah, I have issues with Wordpress too. Like Samtzmom said, you need to check in the html code to see if you have paragraphs which show up as a p with triangle brackets around it - these give double spaces as opposed to breaks br which give single spaces. To do a single space instead of a double space, you hit shift-enter. I don't use blogger so I don't know if this is any help, but this helps me in Wordpress.

-llm. said...

How beautiful, Lynne!

As for pictures, I recommend putting your pics up on Flickr and then pointing to them in your Blogger posts. It makes life with Blogger so much easier!

MojoMan said...

Your driveway is so inviting. I love the way the white birches are painted on the canvas of dark green conifers.

Lynne said...

Thanks everyone for the blogger pointers! Much appreciated!

The birch and evergreens are prettiest in fall and winter.